For a while now Jaden has his own way of saying some phrases.  For example, he says “bone apple teat” before he eats.  As in:

While swimming he asked for “three toes”.  We kept asking what we thought he meant. “You want to free the toads?”  NOOOOO  “oh! three of those?”  NOOOOO

Finally we got it … he wanted some Fritos!

Love, Mel


  1. It’s a good think I have my older kids. They work as my 4 year old interpreters. Some day soon Jaden will be the be employed at the same for his little bros. Kids are just awesome!

  2. I used to say “bony toes” instead of bologna toast. And that wasn’t a long time ago…I was 26!

  3. Love kids lingo……
    Our daughter asks if we can go to the movie flea-ter….
    She told me that she has so many good rememberies…
    Sometimes it is just so cute, we don’t have the heart to point out that a word is pronounced differently. I say embrace childhood – one day she’ll figure out that it is a ‘theater.’

  4. HAHA! love it! kids do say the cutest things, don’t they? The other night my 3 year old son told me that foxes were octurma animals! For one, how does he know that, and for two, i love how they interpret things sometimes! You will be glad that you are keeping record of all those Jaden-isms for when he gets older! 🙂

  5. love it! i have a vi-ism from tonight..that is similar. she was coloring then said to me “where’s my mocha?” finally figured out it was marker, and she wasn’t demanding coffee. 😀

  6. Ha ha ha. My kids were annoyed by all the fruit flies cuz I keep bananas until they are almost black. I said, “They won’t bug you, they are just fruit flies.” My daughter said “But I don’t like french flies!”. I laughed so hard but my 3 year olds didn’t really know why. Now this is the common expression around our house. “But I don’t like french flies!”

  7. Also at the zoo the kids loved the “mangoes”. Figured out they were saying the “flamingoes”! Guess kids figure out food first, then animal names!

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