Newest Orange Addition

Last week I went to get my hair cut (it’s been months!).  I called ahead to see if they had any orange feathers … since it’s the big trend right now.  It’s not a normal color they keep in stock … so they’d have to special order it.  An old friend from high school cuts my hair … and wouldn’t you know she totally came through on the OWENGE!  She made me my very own clip in hair extension!  It’s just perfect!!!!

If it wasn’t before … it’s 100% for sure now.  I’m addicted to orange!

Love, Mel


  1. Love it!
    Off topic here two of my kiddos are talking about Owen, Mitch again about the scooters , and his buddy’s, and Madison said if she has a son she’s going to name him Owen. I told her that that’s a fantastic name!

  2. Hi, Mrs. Bissing. I’m the 13 year old who made that little picture for/of sweet Owen. I saw this post and just wanted to say that your son totally has your eyes…how amazing.

  3. That is the coolest! I didn’t even realize they made things like this! And Jaden….What a cutie pie! Just another way to wear your Owenge proud! 🙂

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