Busy Week Coming Up

I want to write … but I’m not sure what to write about.

We got home from vacation yesterday, but not before hanging out at the Supermom Family BBQ!  The fabulous Tony Memmel played some sing alongs with the kids, we eat hot dogs off the grill, tie dye numerous amounts of t-shirts and had a water balloon fight.  The event was a huge success!

Just un-did the shirts we died … Jaden is WAY Better at it than I am!  The center of my shirts are just about all white …. his is beautiful!  He used red and purple … no other colors.  I tried to get him to add blue or green, but he was so proud of his red and purple.  More power to him!

Today, I rearranged the living room … the boys are VERY mobile and I need to cage them in 🙂  So we’ve got a 6 foot by 6 foot “jail” in the middle of the room.  But hey, it works and helps keep me a little sane.  I say it’s a win!  I think Doug is not digging it because the room is “off balance.”  Got to love my husbands quirks 🙂  (love you hunny!)

The boys learned how to pull themselves up to their knees while we were at the lake house.  It’s like having two new babies in the house!  They crawl on top of each other … usually followed by one of them screaming bloody murder!  They try to stand against the front glass door.  Gave me a heart attack the first time Weston decided to do that … I thought he was going to wiggle the door wide open and land on his pretty little face on the concrete stoop.  The glass door is now also dead bolted 🙂

This week is crazy insane! Getting ready for the Bilda’s fundraiser coming up this Sunday.  I’ve got a church meeting tomorrow night which I’m really looking forward to.  Zumba is Wednesday, which I’m pretty sure I’m going to die at since I skipped the past two weeks!  Thursday is my monthly book club meeting.  This month we read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.  I won’t mention that I’m only half way through and still have a lot of reading to get done before then!  Friday night I”m getting together with about 12 other women to make cake pops for the Bilda’s fundraiser.  Phew!  I’m tired from just writing that all out!

I suppose I should head off to bed.  I’m not going to be able to move I’ll be so tired tomorrow.  Thank heavens for coffee!

Love, Mel


  1. Wow! You are gonna be busy. But it will be a lot of fun too. Wish we could be there for the fundraiser. Can’t wait to read about it.

  2. Hi Mel. We’ve never met, but I am following your blog and your struggles and healing process… you put into words what so many people feel. I think you should write a book. Anyway, did you ever hear of the group Casting Crowns? They have a song called “Praise You in This Storm” that is about trying to hang onto faith during difficult times.
    It reminds me of you. So many people turn their back on God and their faith when life takes an awful turn. You remain strong in faith, despite your questions and feelings of abandonment or confusion. You are still human and waiver at times, never claiming to have all the answers, but underlying your messages and your writings, your faith subtly shines through.
    Listen if you get a chance, the song has comforted me and maybe will comfort you as well. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us grieving mothers would say if we had the gift of expression that you do.

  3. Hey Mel, hope everything turns out good for u. defenitely sounds like a busy week. I’ve checked back pretty much everyday since your last post, u must really be busy to not be able to write. I find so much comfort in reading anything that you write about. I hope the fundraiser goes great. almost the weekend,and unfortunately I have no computer at home so I won’t be able to check back until monday morning when I come back to work. yea I know I probably shouldn’t be checking your blog while working I just can’t help myself. I’ve found such a special place for you and your family in my heart even though I’ve never met you all I have to check everyday. God bless you all and can’t wait to hear how your weekend was Monday morning. have a great one.

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