9 Months

I’m really late … like they are almost 10 months old, but I finally took the boy’s 9 month old photos.  So much has changed with them that I feel like I could write forever!  I think the best way to tackle this is with a list.  Man I love lists ….

  • They are eating cereal three times a day
  • They eat about 8oz of a fruit or veggie at each meal … plus cereal!
  • Weston is a human garbage disposal and will eat anything at any temperature
  • Logan is a fussy eater and must have his food warmed
  • They like to steal each other’s cheerios
  • I gave the boys some corn kernels just yesterday and they love them!
  • The boys eat breakfast the best! I mean lots of grunting and whining if I don’t go fast enough

Not only are the boys eating a ton and trying all kinds of new foods, they are WAY more mobile!  Weston pulled himself up to his feet first.  We found him after his nap on his knees, hanging his arms over the edge, yelling and screaming.  Doug and I lowered the cribs immediately!  Logan still has a little trouble getting up to his feet but can do it if he really wants to.  He’s got a big old Buddha belly to pull up.  Just today, Weston pulled himself up on the couch, walked all the way to the other end of the couch and was really thinking about trying to reach for the basket close by.  He was bouncing his knees and reaching out his hand as if he really wanted to, but wasn’t quite sure he would make it.  My bet is that he wouldn’t have.  But they’ve got to learn, right?

They have started to know their names.  Not always, but most of the time, they’ll look when I sing their name.  They really respond to smiling and laughing.  I can coax Logan all the way back from the other side of the kitchen by calling his name and making baby faces at him.  Logan also likes to crawl into the kitchen when I’m cooking and grabs at my feet so I pick him up.  Weston does the same, but he usually just pulls himself up to standing while holding onto my pants.

They don’t like it when I leave the room.  Not always … but most of the time they are more aware of who is around.

Both of them LOVE their big brother.  Jaden can do just about anything and get them to laugh and giggle.  I’m talking full out screams, bloody murder, hysteria.  And Jaden comes along and the boys are all smiles.  Brotherhood is a tight bond.

I’m really enjoying the triplet’s age.  You can play with them … make them laugh and giggle.  They also can occupy themselves just a little (with the right rattle or toy of course).  Just like with Jaden, each age gets better and better.

This isn’t the greatest picture … but can you just take a second to check out the rolls on Logan’s legs and his HUGE belly.  He’s growing into such a porker!

Logan – Owl boy — he’s got Doug’s super blonde hair!

He doesn’t sit still for very long.  Me taking pictures wasn’t very interesting to him.

Just a few seconds later, Weston was crawling up my leg wanting to see what I had.

One is goofy smiling and the other looks really confused.  They really look like rugrats.

There are the gummy smiles!  (Logan has two teeth on the bottom and is working on another one on top & Weston has two coming through on the bottom.)

Once again, they don’t sit still for very long.

So we moved to the couch.  They sat a little better … but they sure are silly!  Note that Weston’s outfit isn’t snapped in the crotch – not because I was lazy or forgot … the kid won’t sit still long enough to get the snapped!  I gave up ….

The boys really love to stand on things.  You can see the pure excitement in their eyes in this photo!

And now the determination of getting the remote controls …

This just proves that they are goobers.

And here is a close up (and a little blurry) picture of Logan’s new face … tongue up over his top lip, smacking … and drooling of course.  Reminds me of the face Owen used to make in one of the last videos of him.  It’s not sad to me though, I find it comforting.  They have a little bit of Owen with them.

Two trouble makers ….

I’m an awful mom … things got so crazy, I never got pictures of Weston on his own.  Terrible.  Next time I’ll take a few extra 🙂

ps Jaden starts school in 13 days!  yikes!

Love, Mel

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  1. oh my they are just gorgeous..and i’m glad you see Owen in them…it’s heartwarming to read that…they are going to be trouble lol .. mischeivous..without a doubt and oh fun they will be!!…beautiful! thank you so much for sharing!

  2. You’ve inspired me… to make cake pops! I had never heard of them before reading your blog, but they sounded fun. So, I googled them! Now I am doing a “trial run” tonight to see if they turn out so that I can make them for an upcoming bridal shower. So, thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  3. Your boys are so sweet!! Logan has blue eyes and Weston brown? (Ps I love the name Weston – It was on my list for awhile!!) The triplets look alike in the picture on the top of your blog (Heading) but I love how much they look like themselves in the recent pics) I know a lady who had twins. One had brown hair and brown eyes and tanned skin and the other has blonde hair blue eyes and is very fair-skinned! I guess that’s the difference between fraternal and identical babies right? Here’s an idea for you. I want my friend to take some pictures of me….and I want to include something in them to represent TK…like a teddy bear or something (that I will include forever). I guess you have been doing something like that with the color orange (which is beyind perfect by the way!!)

  4. Love the pictures. The boys are growing so fast. Next month they’ll be walking and harder to get pictures of! Precious 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. They are growing up too fast. They’re not supposed to do that. Haven’t you told them that? 🙂

    I love this age. It is definitely one of my favorites. They are so sweet and so excited about life all of the time. It’s the best.

    Kindergarten in 13 days….yikes. I have one too. It’s CRAZY! Are you as excited as I am?

  6. Aren’t I blessed to have such wonderful grandchilden? My own children are pretty great as well! Mel, have I told you I love you today?

  7. Oh my they are just so breathe taking. the triplets are getting so big, Ilove this age so much. My lil guy got big to fast, well he’s only 18mo but it went by so fast. Logan and Weston are just adorable and they look so happy. I love there smiles. It’s really good to hear that u see Owen in them, thats awesome. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of your boys. They are so cute and chuncky, especially Logan, love the rolls and that big belly. Your mom is so sweet. Mel’s mom, u have the most beautiful grandchildren. l can’t believe they will be 10mo soon, thats when my lil guy started to walk. so watch out, thats next Mel. God bless you all!!!!!!!

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