My Birthday Wish

So my birthday is on Saturday.  Doug asked me what I wanted for my birthday and it got me to thinking … I have no clue this year!  Usually I’m looking forward to the big day for a month.  Thinking about all the things I could get.

I would LOVE an iPad.

On a side note – a good, no great, friend, Jamie wrote Apple to see if they would donate an iPad since it brought me such comfort while Owen was in the hospital.  (My sister loaned me hers while I was there.)  They said they were “uninterested in donating to such a cause at this time.”  While it didn’t bother me … heck I’m just another mom like you … I think Jamie will forever protest Apple products.  I love you Jamie.  xoxo

Ok back on track … Since I know it’s not realistic to think I’ll get an iPad … I’ve been trying to think of something else.

I’ve got nothing.

Orange winter clothes since all my orange shirts are short-sleeved?  Orange running shoes from Famous Footwear? (I got a pair from Kohl’s but they are too small … boo!)  A website class?  I’ve been interested in learning more since we only touched on web design in college.

Here’s what I came up with … for my birthday will you vote for my blog on  There is a pink badge in the right hand column o click.  Then click the purple “vote” button.  The leading blog has 441 votes … this blog has 130.  It would make my DECADE for me if we win.

Call me greedy … call me selfish or competitive … but I really want to win 🙂  I can bear my sorrow of loosing Owen … is it ok to say how competitive I can be?

So … if you feel moved, vote for this blog … please?

Ok enough with the begging … let’s get to celebrating one more year under my belt.

Love, Mel


  1. OF COURSE I voted! I’d vote every day if I could. I’m not normally a blog-reader, but I find myself looking forward to each new post to follow your journey!

  2. How about a Kindle? Or an orange ipod shuffle. I think they make them in orange. Of course that’s an apple made product so maybe not? Lol.

    • My parents gave me a nook for my birthday last year when I was preggers …. for when I was on bed rest. And I use my itouch … it’s an addiction! haha thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Happy Birthday Mel! I voted for your blog already, to bad I can only vote once, or I’d vote everyday.

    What about checking out some of the other tablets available? So many options! Apple is not the best in my opinion anyway.

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