Birthday Recap

My day started out well rested 🙂  Doug let me sleep in til 9:30 … funny how it seemed like I had slept the day away when I woke up.   Right away the boys wanted to give me their present … Doug paraded out of the bedroom with a hanger behind his back.  Oooo weee he bought me clothes!  He picked me out a beautiful burnt orange sweater with a white shirt underneath (I later found out that he put the two shirts together all on his own!)  I’m not sure about you other ladies, but I find it incredible romantic when a man buys a woman clothes.  When I put it on in the morning I’ll think of him, all during the day I’ll think of him and I know he likes what I’m wearing.  (Good job Doug! wink wink)

The bad news was that Jaden had a fever of about 101.9.  Since the family was supposed to come over for dinner and a party later that night I decided I should take him to urgent care.  I was secretly hoping it was an ear infection it would be contagious.  No such luck.  Jaden talked and talked with the medical assistant about Phineas & Ferb (I’m pretty sure he had to have kids of his own … or a lot of time for Saturday morning cartoons).  No ear infection so we did a throat culture.  No strep.  We assume it’s a virus of some sort.

Called the family … a little virus didn’t scare them off!  So the party was still on.

We had brats on the grill … Doug’s first time grilling.  I think he got a little annoyed by the third time I made him promise not to burn my birthday dinner.  haha  They turned out perfect!

I opened up a few gifts from the family.  A beautiful orange scarf (thank’s Bill … you did a GREAT job picking it out!), an awesome wall hanging of three owls, a gift card to Target so I can start on my winter orange wardrobe, orange(ish) necklace, an orange journal to keep writing in, an orange Pumpkin Pie candle (are you seeing a theme here?) and orange fleece and some moola to go towards my iPad fund.  I was REALLY spoiled!!

We played Family Feud … girls kicked the boy’s hinders!  Then we played Luck of the Draw.  HILARIOUS game to play with friends.  I learned a few things about my family … Sarah draws non-straight lines, Eric draws super small and Abby can draw Darth Vader from memory (impressive).  I laughed so so hard …  I did enjoy a few adult beverages and overall had a really great time!

JADEN UPDATE:  He still isn’t feeling well.  I think we are headed back to the doctor tomorrow.  It’s a shame because he’s supposed to start 4K on Wednesday.  I’m thinking we might miss the first day of school … boo!  He missed the end of last year because of Owen and now he’s going to miss the first day.  I just don’t want him to feel left out for missing the first day.  But it is what it is … not much I can do about it.

I had this realization moment this weekend.  When Jaden starts school this year … he’ll be in school for at least the next 14 years of his life.  All day long.  Made me kind of cry … he’s growing up.  It’s a scary thing as a mom to know that as the years go by I’m going to spend less and less time with him.

Where on earth did the last five years go?  If you find them, please let me know as I’d really like to have them back.

Love, Mel


  1. stumbled across your blog and have been reading for too long, i need to be up in a few hours lol…but i am in awe of your story and your strength.

    my oldest daughter starts college tomorrow (or today since it is almost 2am) and I have no idea where the last 19 years went……so nice to find your little space here.

    and happy birthday too!

  2. Happy Birthday. Glad you had an amazing day. I hope Jaden gets better soon or maybe they find an ear infection when you go back tomorrow and he can start school…. I loved the owl hanging… Good thing you look amazing in Owenge 😉

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