First Day of School

Jaden made it to the first day of school!  As it turns out the long strep throat test came back positive.  It freaking took them FIVE days to call me and tell me that.  I was less than pleased.  However the antibiotics are in full swing and he’s back to his normal self.

Jaden woke up on Wednesday totally pumped for school to start.  He got dressed on his own, eat breakfast and brushed his teeth on his own.  he was super excited and that made me one proud mama.

This cracked me up … Jaden and Daddy with their backpacks.

This was our walk to the bus stop.  He practically ran 20 feet in front of me.  The entire time I was thinking of last year when we would sing our ABC’s while walking hand in hand or talk about something weird and crazy.  He’s just so big.  What am I going to do when the triplet’s are Jaden’s age?  Oh when Weston and Logan are 5 Jaden is going to be 9 … 

The famous rock at the bust stop.

The twins at the bus stop.  I think about to when I first met “N” and “C” last year.  All I could think about was that we are surrounded by multiples!!  Jaden idolizes “C”.  He is just a little too little to play with them.  Jaden sure does try to keep up though.


Jaden was so excited for the bus to get here, he totally forgot to give me a hug and kiss goodbye.  Made my heart a little heavy.  They just grow up so fast!

I stood and watched the bus drive off … until I couldn’t see it anymore.  It’s so scary to put your child on a bus to be cared for by other adults.  This isn’t just an hour or two of babysitting … this is hours and hours of people taking care of him.  And I really miss Jaden during the day now.

This is my walk home … without Jaden.  Lonely.

Later in the afternoon Weston and Logan were playing … it’s so funny how the two of them are totally unaware of personal bubbles.  Weston was jumping on him … and Logan could have cared less.  Silly babies.

The first week went pretty good.  There was a small tussle at the bus stop one morning and Jaden had one rough day at school (got a time out even.)  Just so odd to hear about my kid getting into trouble.  I was a goody two shoes growing up.

I’m really proud of Jaden and the way he’s been handing everything.  He’s motivated in the morning.  He gets ready on his own.  He sure did a great deal of growing up this summer.

Love, Mel


  1. Congratulations to you all on Jaden’s first day of school. I just know it’s going to be a great new schedule for you all. 🙂

  2. Yay! I LOVE school…even if there is a bit of an adjustment period…for both mama’s and kids.
    Jaden is SO adorable. And so grown up. What a sweet boy…I hope he loves school to death.
    and the babies…hilarious….I guess they are so completely used to jumping up and down on each other. Just think of the three of them all cramped up in the uterus. I’m sure there was plenty of jumping and kicking then. Probably brings them comfort. 🙂

    Here’s to week #2! Good Luck

    P.S. putting a child on a bus for school is a LOT HARDER than dropping them off and watching them walk into their classroom. At least in my experience. You are brave woman.

  3. Congrats to Jaden being a big boy and doing everything on his own as he was so excited for his first day of school. The triplets looked adorable. Weston was all on Logan, and he sure kid care less, they are just to adorable. God bless all of your beautiful boys. Can’t wait to hear how this week goes for Jaden!

  4. Wow triplets! And I thought I had my hands full! Lol! I love the all the pictures! And that’s hilarious that your neighbors are twins!

    I have two girls 17 months apart. My oldest is about to be 2 years old! I get teary eyed just thinking about her starting school!

    I love your blog! I’m a new follower!

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