Professional Volunteer?

I had a busy busy day today, but it was a lot of fun too. I helped my mom make golf ball cake pops. For those of you on Facebook, they turned out a lot better than one ones I attempted last week. Here is a pic of how they turned out.



Then this evening I had a meeting about a future endeavor of mine … The church website. I’ve gotten myself involved with the small group ministries and am working on how to get more information on the website. Anyways what started out as a bumpy meeting couldn’t have ended on a better note. I’m super excited about getting more involved. My only worry is maybe taking onto much. I honestly could be a professional volunteer …. Which sometimes drives my husband crazy.

I’ve also been working with Mandy and Patty to get ready for the Briggs and Al walk this weekend. We’ve got some awesome orange surprises up our sleeves.

In order to help me reach my goal I’ve got an owenge special going on …. If you donate $20 or more using the Donate Here button (money goes to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, where Owen was treated) I’ll send you a free beaded or silicone bracelet. After making your donation please email me your choice of bracelet and the address of where you’d like me to send your gift.

I feel moved to help because the nurses and staff helped my family so much … Through making medical decisions, late night chats and the grief process. Even the small things like tickets to the zoo for jaden or feathers to make a warrior head dress for owen. All of those little things that relieved some of the worry or made me smile … Even a little bit made all the difference in the world. They really helped us through this whole ordeal … I can’t imagine someone else going through this same thing without the same support.

The house is finally quiet and I’ve got another big day tomorrow. I suppose I should try and get so me sleep.

Love, Mel


  1. Wow, you really are doing a lot! The world needs professional volunteers like you. Thank you for all you do.

    I was wondering, I ordered a sweatshirt off Etsy a while ago and never really heard anything else about it. Any idea when those will be made? No stress or hurry or anything, I was just curious.


  2. Yes, get some rest. You are one busy mama! You are doing so many wonderful things with all your volunteer work. I bet Owen is so very proud of his mommy.

    By the way, the cake pops look amazing!

  3. oh my goodness…you cake pop diva extraordinaire! ah, the mold made just a little difference, eh? I am laughing my a** off right now thinking about our attempt. bahaha! I have a funny feeling that the ones from last week had something to do with my user errors. Just boss me around next time so we get it right!!
    I cannot wait for Saturday – see you at the starting line – all OWENGE’d out (:

    • Hi Patty, I saw this post on the web while looking for golf ball cake pops. These are by far the best ones that I have found! I would be very interested in speaking with whom ever has the talent and patience to make these cute little golf ball cake pops. I can be reached by email at I think you all might be from Wisconsin – I am from Minnesota…hope to hear back!
      Thanks much!

  4. Mel, the cake pops turned out so cute! You could Start a side business! Have a great time this weekend! I wish I could be there! Thinkin of your family! 🙂

  5. I think the cake pops look amazing. You’ve defenitely been one busy mama, can’t wait to hopefully meet you all this weekend at the walk/run, you and your beautiful family. god bless and always thinking of you.

  6. Those golf balls look awesome! Nice work. I think you have a future career in making cake pops. Let’s open a bakery! ;o)

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