10 Months Old!

Trying something a little different this time … here is a slideshow of the boy’s 10 month old photos.  Although I think they are closer to 11 months old by this point 🙂  Where does the time go?

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Here are all the fun and new things the boys are up to:

  • They are just about walking!  Pulling up on everything and anything, walking while holding fingers, pushing the fire engine everywhere!
  • Sometimes when the boys wake up from their naps they spend about 20 mins talking and playing with each other through the crib bars before crying for me.
  • Loving finger foods – peas, corn, puffs, soft fruits, etc.
  • Logan has a weird thing with choking himself – fingers down his throat.  Can babies have bulimia?
  • Weston has started to snort out of his nose – Jaden used to do this when he was little.
  • The boys follow me around the room, under my feet, pulling at my pant legs to get me to pick them up.
  • They really get jealous of one another when I hold one of them.
  • Logan steals Weston’s nook all of the time!  Give him his own and he won’t take it … he just crawls right up to Weston and plucks it out of his mouth.  Sibling rivalry at 10 months old?  ugh oh!
  • Weston enjoys sitting on my lap for extended periods of time; while Logan will cry, need me to hold him for a few seconds and then is off onto another adventure.
  • They are fascinated with the way their voices sound in the bathroom.
  • They are making Mama and Dada sounds … still not 100% sure if they know what they mean yet.  Although Doug is confident they have been saying his name for months now 🙂
Jaden amazes me with how much he loves his brothers.  The three of them are going to be the best of buds.  I can’t imagine them fighting one day.  Is it possible that they won’t?  Who am I kidding???  haha
Until the next update!
Love, Mel
Here are the same photos just in a gallery rather than the slideshow:


  1. They are so cute. They look so much alike to me. Is that true in person or is it just in the photos.

    I LOVE the blow up photo of Owen. Such a fantastic idea!

    • When they were little they all looked sooo much a like. Now they have different color hair (Logan is blonde and Weston has dark brown hair). I often wonder if Owen was still around if they were be easier to mix up.

      Melissa Bissing bissingfamily.com

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  2. Mel, thanks for sharing. U sure been waiting a while to see there 10mo photo updates. They look adorable. I love the big smiles they both have. And when I saw the blown up photo of Owen, I seriously got teary eyed. I think that was a awesome idea. I loved to see the photos of Logan and Weston looking a brother Owen. Those are some beautiful photos to always remember and hold onto. They are so big, I love there chunky thighs, there seriously both butter balls, and those leg warmers, LOVE THEM… Thanks for sharing your handsome boys with all of us, defenitely put a smile on my face this morning while here at work. GOD BLESS U ALL MEL!!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! I too got teary eyed when I seen the pics of Weston & Logan looking up at the photo of Owen…I really liked the one when they appeared to be looking out the window..almost as if they were looking up at Owen in Heaven. That’s such an awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing-they are so cute!!!! And I loved the little owl leg warmers!

  4. They are SO completely adorable! Getting so big! Love seeing new pictures!! And that plane video from your last blog entry was hilarious!! They are such little characters!! 🙂

  5. Teary eyed here too. Having Owen in every photo shoot is wonderful. A great way to help the boys remember their brother. The boys are beauitful 🙂 and growing so fast. Love the crazy legs. Great photos Mel. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love these pictures! I love that Owen’s picture is always around them and that his picture is slightly elevated from the boys– like Owen is watching over them!!! They are such cuties and doing so much!! Good for them! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing Mel. When we’re so far away it is so great to feel like we can still see the boys grow. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you and your family for Pumpkin Carving. Give’m all a hug and kiss from Aunt Kathy. Until then. Love ya!

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