Crazy House

My life is officially crazy. And I am officially going to the looney bin!

Logan was up at 5am so I caught up on my dvr. (Teen Mom finale). By 8am jaden has had three breakfasts. He is an empty pit these days! Logan was pushing Jaden around the house on the fire engine thing. Then I turned around and Weston had sat himself on top of the laundry basket. These boys are sure giving me a run for my money today!

Now we are off to the bus stop!!







  1. Oh my friend….sounds like my life too!!! I think we should take a trip to the looney bin (spa maybe?? Then drinks?) together 🙂 I say to myself that someday waaaayyyyy in the future I will miss these insane days…..

  2. Ha ha, these pictures are priceless. And just as a side note, I had a dream about Logan and Weston last night, that we took them to the beach and there were these water swings that they loved. It was pretty funny and completely random since I don’t even know you, ha ha.

  3. Awwww love the pics. It’s crazy how early they can get up. They look just to adorable. Logan pushing Jaden, and Weston on top of the hamper basket. All of your boys are just beautiful. God bless you all!!!!!!

  4. It sounds like a crazy house. The boys are getting so big Mel! I love the pictures of the boys. Jaden looks oh so casual sitting on the car there. What fun!

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