I had a quick, yet amazing play date this morning.  A good friend, Sara, from my old job came over with her son (who is close to the same age as the triplets).  She has helped me with a vision on what Owen’s legacy can be more than she probably knows.  See, I want to do something huge.  I want to have meaning and I want it to be a magnifier of ‘good’.  Inspire people to live a live of giving and light.

Owen gave so much in his short 6.5 months.  He gave smiles, hugs and cuddles.  He gave hope to those who didn’t believe.  He gave the 
ultimate gift of life to two little girls.  His good was magnified when his kidneys went to science.  It’s not known how many lives he might have touched or helped by his gift to science.  I want my other children to grow up to be giving.  I want them to have the desire to help and serve others.  Sara has the same vision for her son.

So while sipping coffee this morning and watch my kids beat up her son in baby wars (Sara, I’m still sorry he rolled around in Weston’s spit up! and for the countless times the triplets just crawled right over him.) we talked.  We talked about life and we talked about some of the struggles we’ve been having.  And we talked about this vision we share.  She wants to have a bigger purpose and I am so honored she feels called to help with Owen’s legacy and message.

Here we are, on the brink of something amazing and huge.  Something that could be life changing and thrilling.  Teaching our children to help others.  How to take the most horrific events in life and shine some kind of good on it.  How to survive the brutality of the world.  Raise warriors of the world.

She’s going to call some local non-profit organizations to gather information while I teach myself Dreamweaver.  I’ve got a Graphic Design major but was never taught Dreamweaver.  Pretty awesome … NOT!  Good thing books from the library are free 🙂  I love networking, technology, service … this is going to be good.

I’m feeling super pumped today.  I’m getting a ton of house cleaning done and catching up on my shows.  I love days that I’m motivated to get stuff done.  Makes me feel accomplished.  Funny how a dirty house can bring a person down.  Oh heavens … I’m starting to sound like my husband.  Thank you Sara for helping to kick off my day in the best way possible!

Looking forward to a really great weekend with family and old friends.  Hopefully catching some sleep too …

Love, Mel


  1. Check out SquareSpace – you can do so much with it and I spent a year learning DreamWeaver and I can do more in an hour on that site than I can do in hours and hours on DW and it will look nicer 🙂

  2. I spent the day away from work today teaching kids from 4k to 5th grade about what I do as an EMT at the fire department. Sadly out of all those kids, I only heard ONE say to their teacher that they want to be a volunteer (a crossing guard specifically) when they get older. I wish more parents taught their kids to serve others, because when I’m old and retired from responding to 911 calls I’ll sure as heck need someone else to take my seat on the truck!

  3. one thing I’ve done with my daughter, and someday with my son is to, on their birthday, donate money to a charity of her choice. Then I take a picture of her with something that represents that particular charity, and this photo goes into a special album.. 🙂 One little gesture that I hope will resound throughout my children’s lives as they grow older…

    I got this idea from the Ultimate Gift website

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