Being a Godparent – part 2

Silly me …. After going back into my email this morning to read some comments on the posts from last night, I realized there are a few ideas that my sister has done with the triplets!!!!

A. She set up a savings account with both of her godchildren (Jaden and Owen). On important days in their lives she will put a little money in their accounts. Then when they are older, they will have this account to do something special with their godmother. The most important part of this gift? She put a lot of thought into it. And its not just a one time giving gift … It’s a commitment that she is going to continue her relationship and will be there when they are older.

B. She made each of the boys (because she didn’t want to leave one out) a baptism box. Its a beautiful wooden box with a plaque with their name and baptism date on them. Its a keepsake for the gifts they received. Their christening gowns, a newspaper from the day, their certificate, candle, a knit blanket they received from our church and pictures. Something really special for the items that are so special.

C. I bought a personalized picture frame for each of the godparents. I had pictures printed the day of the baptism (thank you one hour photo!) and then put them in the frame before giving them. It was my way of showing them that I hold them in a special place and I recognize and value that they are special to my children’s lives.

The triplets were also baptized on Super Bowl Sunday …. And the packers won!!!! The party was green and gold. I made each godparent a shirt to wear during the game … It said godmother (or godfather) where the G was the Green Bay packer G. I was pretty proud of myself šŸ™‚

D. I don’t know if rachael does this because she is an aunt or if its because she’s a godmother, but it doesn’t really matter. She always gets the boys their holiday outfits …. She got them Christmas sleepers for their first Christmas. She bought them St. Patty’s day outfits. She finds ways to let them know she is always thinking about them.

I hope you are motivated :). Now off to the terrible rainy and cold weather and laundry for me. I’ve got to get Jaden early for a doctor’s appointment today. Oh how I wish I didn’t have to go out in this crappy weather! I’m thinking I might have earned myself a pretzel …. What do you think?

Love, Mel


  1. I think its wonderful what your sister does for the triplets. Its so special being a godparent. My boyfriends borther has triplets as well. U know what i think I never mentioned this to you. the triplets mother is who told me about Owen’s story, she met u at the multiple rummage sales that sewmot I believe usually has. She has 3 beautiful girls. I would love to be any of there godmothers but they already have them picked out. My boyfriend will be a godfather to one which makes me happy because I will be just as involved threw him. Jaden looked oh so cute sleeping with all his buddy’s. he is one adorable 5 yr old little boy. God bless u all Mel. I think its great u want to connect with your god daughter. AWESOME!!!!!

  2. What your sister and you have done for the kids is fantastic. Whatever the occasion the whole point of the gift is that it comes from the heart and there is a lot of thought behind it, which you both have done.

  3. This is great what your sister is doing for her Godchild. I recently became a Godparent and set up an account for my Godchild (also my niece). I think it would also be a good idea to set a good example of how to spend the money once they have access to it!;)

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