Owen’s Song

There aren’t words to describe how excited I am to share this news with you!  Those of you who were able to attend Owen’s funeral know who Tony Memmel is.  He honored my family by singing He is My Son and Amazing Grace.  It was a few weeks later that I ran into Tony and jokingly asked him if he had ever recorded Amazing Grace and if he hadn’t would he consider calling my cell phone and leaving me a message with him singing.  The song brought such comfort.  I love the sound of his voice.  In the words of my mother “his music soothes my soul.”

See, when all my triplets were here with me, we used to dance to Tony’s music while making dinner.  The Bissing family minivan often played Tony’s music on our few outting with all three babies.  Tony and I went to high school together … he was actually a friend of my sisters at the time.  When he released his first CD, I remember going to my first Tony show when he played in Oshkosh (where my sister went to college).  To sum it up, I’m a fan of Tony Memmel music.


When Tony wrote me to offer writing a song about Owen I was so excited,  honored, humbled, nervous … you get the picture.  I’ve been keeping a lid on this exciting news until now!   The song is finished and it’s awesome.  I’m so excited to share it with you.  It’s available for download here:  http://tonymemmel.bandcamp.com/  It’s called “Owen’s Song.”


Here are the lyrics:

As the sun sets in the sky
brightens up the deepest night.
Orange flowers by the road
I smile to myself and know

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.

Somedays I still get bogged down
fog so thick it’s water now.
I carry on. I go on my way.
I think about you every day.

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.

Jesus, can ya hear me sing?
Why is all this happening?
We were all just born to run
we’ll still be dancin’ way after the music’s done.

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.


Words can’t express my gratitude to Tony and his wife, Leslie for taking the time and thought to write and record this song.  As a mother, I’m so proud of my son Owen.  He has a song written after him for gosh sakes!!

Please enjoy the song as my family and I celebrate the triplet’s birthday this weekend.  And know that Owen is already home.

Love, Mel


  1. That is Beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor Owen. It’s amazing how some people can really touch the soul. Tony did a great job. Have a wonderful time at the Triplet’s 1st Birthday! Can you believe they’re 1 already?

  2. That was absolutely amazing. It gave me goosebumps. What great people Tony & his wife were to write and record such an amazing song in memory of your son and honor of your family! God bless!

  3. Mel – I love the part that goes, “Orange flowers by the road, I smile to myself and know, that you’re already home… and I’ll be with you when the day is done” I love the song! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  4. What a feeling that song must give you. Had me in tears; I can only imagine how it touches you. Great job, Tony. What a tribute to your little warrior 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Triplets ! Many blessings for your family Mel. for the ones here and those already home. Hope your special day is a beautiful one.

    The Larmay Family

  6. This song is beautiful and too brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much for sharing the song and your world. Melissa, you are such a strong woman and an inspiration.

  7. mel. I love the song. what a great tribute to Owen. It gave me the goosebumps listening to it. I love it. Tony god bless your heart for taking the time out to honor this beautiful little warrior that left this earth way to soon. God bless u all Mel. I can;t wait to see the photos from the big b-day bash. My b-day is today. I’m proud to share this month with your adorable triplets.

  8. Mel, I have never commented, but have been reading for quite some time now. I have been nannying for a family with triplets and an older singleton since the babes were brought home from the hospital( they’re 2 1/2 yrs now!). The mom, who is a dear friend now, and I have been struggling with health issues and reading about how Owen’s legacy is growing with your hard work helps me to put things in perspective and stay positive, Owen’s song was a true blessing for me today and I will continue to play it to honor him and your family.

  9. Mel,

    I love the song. You can hear and feel all of the love that was put into creating it. I had to share it. Much love to you and your family and happy birthday to the boys.

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