One Year Old!

An official Happy First Birthday to the triplets!  11-10-10 … great day!

Here’s a little flash back  … this is what I looked like one year ago today:

This is what the triplets looked like one year ago:





They aren’t walking quite yet like Doug had hoped they would be (dork!) but they are close.  Both Logan and Weston have started to let go of what they are holding onto.  But they soon lose balance and plop down hard on their diaper butts.  Sorry Doug, I’m thinking your “walking before one year old” wish isn’t coming true.

We’re having a low key, sort of normal day.  (With all these boys, what is normal anymore?)  We’ll have a family dinner when Doug gets home from work … let the boys eat some more cake.  Jaden made them a birthday card at school and he’s excited to give it to them.

I just can’t believe everything that has happened over the past year … the greatest blessings and the ultimate lows.  Our friends and family have held onto to us tightly and for that we are forever thankful.  Without your support we wouldn’t be here today with the strength to wish our triplets a happy first birthday.

Weston and Logan, I wish for you that your second year of life is better than your first.  I hope you grow to know Owen more in a way that I never will know him.  I pray that you do in fact learn to walk … but no real rush on that yet.  I hope you laugh more than cry.  That you learn the depth of Jaden’s love for you.  I pray that I am able to show you even a glimpse of how much I love the both of you.  I hope that I am the mother that you need over the next year … that I teach all the things you need to know in life to be happy and successful.  I know it’s going to take more than just your second year of life … but we can start with how to share your cheerios.

I wonder where we’ll be next year on Nov 10.  Will we be living in the same house?  Will we have the same friends?  How many words will you be able to say?  How will your personalities have grown?  Will you have a favorite … something?

The gifts of the future are exciting.  Hold tight to the treasures of the past.  And never take the present for granted.

Philosophical quote of the day right there!

Happy Happy Happy first birthday to the greatest triplet boys in the whole world!!!!!!!! (I suppose I’m slightly bias).

Love, Mel


  1. 15 years ago today I welcomed my first bundle of joy – 8 weeks early. I’ve watched him grow over the last 15 years and celebrated the memory of that November 10th as a sort of bittersweet day (having a preemie, the NICU, and what the heck does a dance teacher do with a little BOY). I’ve learned to let go of most of the things that made the day of his birth not the joyful moment that perhaps it should have been, and simply celebrate my kid for all that he is and all that he has become. While your Nov. 10 holds happy memories, there’s the bittersweet part that Owen isn’t HERE to celebrate with you. I hope that as you welcome each November 10th that you celebrate your kids. All 4 of them are super boys (because you can’t leave Jaden out either…he’s a great big brother!). Happy Birthday to your whole family!! 🙂

  2. Happy first Birthday to your gorgeous triplets!! If you adjust their ages for how early they arrived they might just walk before 1 year. You can do that for prems and it still counts!!

  3. Happy Birthdays to your beautiful baby boys! Your blog entry is awesome as always, and should they look back someday to see what you wrote, they’ll love it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Happy b-day to Weston Owen and Logan. I also tink that your blog was wonderfu and can;t wait till the day your beautiful little boys can read it and see how great of mother u are to all of them. God bless u mel. I hope you have a great day with your boys and hubby. Take care.

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