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Only 9 days until our first Little Warriors event … and wouldn’t you know …. the front page of metroparent has a huge headline about volunteer projects for kids.  Totally got me excited.  I really pray that I”m on the right track with this idea.  The more I become aware, the more places I notice these kinds of things.

I want to remind those who are interested to sign up for the event by clicking here.  We’re asking for parents and kids to register to make sure we have enough materials the day of the event.  Also, the Interfaith Organization sends thank you notes to their volunteers so we’d like to be able to give them your information to ensure you get the note 🙂  You are the ones putting in the time and effort into these ornaments!

You can also download a copy of the flyer here:   Flyer for Interfaith Organization Xmas Ornaments Event

Help us out by handing out to interested family/friends/coworkers.  Perhaps you could post on a bulletin board at church or work?  Your help in getting the word out is so appreciated!

If you have any questions please send an email to we.care.warriors@gmail.com

Looking forward to the 19th!!!

Love, Mel





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  1. Hi Mel, I love what you are doing! You are AWESOME! I have a question, what can someone in another state like TEXAS do to help?

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