First Ever Little Warriors Event = Success!

This past Saturday was the first ever Little Warriors event … and let me tell  you … it was a huge success!  We had five different ornaments to make as well as a birthday card making station.  About 50 kids participated and made over 250 ornaments!

There were so many moments when I stood back, looked around the gym and thought “wow Owen, you brought all of these people here today.”  I haven’t spoken to my grandma in years however, I remember in college I had to interview her for a class project.  I remember her saying that one of her most profound moments was one holiday when she sat back and thought “All of these people are here because of me.”  I now know the very feeling she was describing.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed the most … all of the owenge in one place, the santa hats or the fact that all of these children were learning how to love and serve others.  Perhaps it’s all of the above.

I had such wonderful volunteers – there is no way I would have been able to pull this off without them.   I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they are willing to help me with more events to come!

Here are a “few” photos from the day’s festivities!!!

My brother, Jake, “manning” the hot glue table.  We won’t mention how much of the hot glue we were picking off of the table during clean up…

Parents helping their little ones make  beautiful glittery snowflakes.

Got to love a dad who is willing to craft with his daughter!

There is always a good reason to wear a tiara!  Too bad I forgot mine at home 🙂  Next time ….

Just look at how happy he is!

So proud of his reindeer ornament!   As he should be!!  It’s AWESOME!

Even the little ones were learning and making new friends!

This little man made me smile on more than occasion on Saturday.  First, he sat down at the puzzle wreath station and tried to put the puzzle together!  I love the way kid’s minds work.  Made sense to me!  Then, after going a little ‘crazy’ with the stickers, he was told only one more … he quickly took two more and stuck one on each cheek.  That’s exactly how I saw him marching around the rest of the event 🙂  He made me smile.

This is Sam.  Every time I try to take a picture of him (at a few Supermom’s events this past summer and Saturday), he shows me a serious face.  Like “Listen lady … I don’t know you and I’m not going to smile.  You are crazy.”   He’s got one thing right … I am crazy! We did happen to sneak this great photo of him!  I love Sam and his mom Amy!  (a fellow Supermom at church)

This family touched my heart beginning a few months ago.  I was sitting in church, wearing my bright orange striped skirt and Pastor announces that there is going to be a baptism.  I gasp for air – triplets.  All dressed up in their Sunday best.  Looking into the baptismal fountain, playing with their dresses.  Everything 3 year olds are supposed to do.  Their little sister Nellie is being baptized.  It was was most beautiful and painful sight.  There is just such a magical difference from seeing two smiles to three.  I can’t explain it.  I notice the difference when we have a play date.  Three is magic.  Perhaps it’s the spiritual number 3.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I’m am so grateful that this fellow family of triplets took time out of their weekend to attend the Little Warrior event.  I was able to hang out with them a little – I learned that one of the girl’s favorite color is purple.  As the triplet’s went bounding out the door to leave – I know Kelly could see the slight pain in my eyes – but I meant it when I said “just beautiful.”

Check out just a very small fraction of all the ornaments made!  Hindsight, I should have taken the large eye balls away from the reindeer station … next time!

I love Anna’s smile!

Another dad hard at crafting!

Ok – my one regret – having Sharpie markers at the reindeer table to trace hands.  Probably not a good move – DUH!  As my wise sister said “we want you to remember today for a very long time!”  I hope the mom’s weren’t too mad at me.  I practiced with a ball point pen, but you couldn’t see it on the dark brown.  So I figured a sharpie would work – wasn’t thinking about the permanent part.  whoops!

Had to get a little baby fix!  Kristi’s son, Aiden, played on Jaden’s soccer team this past summer.  I remember fondly watching what a cute preggo Kristi was … long before we made the connection that we both went to Ascension!  And now I can say I held the cute Grayson monkey 🙂

At the last minute, Sara and I decided to make completion certificates for the kid-os.  Lordy were they a hit!  Kids were jumping up and down – doing a happy dance when we gave them their certificate.  I think we’ll have to keep up with this part of the event!

Here are the triplets – beautiful!

An entire village of penguins!

Everything was beautiful!  The ornaments, the volunteers, the love, the kids.  It was wonderful.  The right size – not too big, not too small.  It was the perfect venue (HUGE thank you to Summit View Elementary for letting us use their gym).  As Owen’s mom, I was so proud.  To know that the happiness and smiles were going to keep branching out really spoke to me.  I know that I am following God’s path.  With Owen being an organ donor Doug and I often spoke about Owen’s love and giving being multiplied.  First it was three donor recipients, then when we found out his kidney went to science we tried to imagine how many more lives would be saved.  The number is infinite.  The same with the event.  The smiles started in the gym, with the kids and parents.  Then the smiles pass on to the grand-friends who will receive these ornaments … then who knows!

I’m looking forward to planning more of these kinds of events.  I’m working hard on getting a little warriors website up – to connect families with “regularly offered” service opportunities as well as special Owen events.  I hope I have more to share in the new year … fingers crossed earlier.

Thank you again to everyone who made this event a success.  Jesus loves you and so do I!

Love, Mel


  1. Those ornaments are too cute!! Loved your pics of all the kids!. Sounds like a very successful event. What a tribute to Owen!

  2. Mel,
    We were HONORED to attend Owen’s Little Warriors Event! Such a beautiful opportunity to serve others and honor Owen’s memory. The kids had so much fun, we did too! Giving them the opportunity to make an ornament and then leave it behind as a gift for someone else, that is a big deal to a preschooler! They now understand what it means to give something that you care about to someone.


  3. Wow it really seemed like a great success. It was wonderful to see all the photos of all the kids proud making their ornaments. What a way to Honor your Owen. I am so proud of you Mel. I think you are such an inspiration!!! May god continue to bless you and your family!!!!

  4. Looks like an amazing event! So many smiles! Now, are the ornaments for sale? Or were they donated? Or did the kids take them home? I was eye’ing a snowman stick ornament – the ones with the scarves…? Adorable! 😉 Nice job.

  5. Dear Mel,
    I am not a blogger ..however… I have been following you for some time now.
    Anytime I am restless or frustrated …this is the place I come.. I say if Mel can handle so much with such grace… I have no reason to complain..!!

    I just want to thank you for being such a great role model..
    You teach me how to keep my head of my shoulders, you teach me how to be humble ,to be in touch with my spirituality and that there is a universal power above us, you have taught us how to spread happiness, peace and last but not the least ….you give me hope!! and I want to thank you for that.


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