Kids Meet Santa

Last night we headed out to Richfield for a pizza party with Santa.  Doug’s company throws a kid’s party each year.  The babies were totally spoiled – so many ladies to hold and love them.  Jaden was off playing with his new car toy and making crafts.  It was a really great night (as always with DCI). Tried to take a nice photo in front of the blow up snowman – wasn’t quite happy with the first one …

But they didn’t sit long enough for a second one …

Jaden sat right at Santa’s feet.  He was SO excited!  Santa even asked him to sit on his lap while they sang Jingle Bells.

Weston started out ok … but really didn’t dig the big guy in the white beard.

Logan inspected the beard …

and was totally fine!

Jaden was super excited to sit on Santa’s lap … and as past years, changed what he wanted from Santa again … sheesh!

Love, Mel


  1. In that first picture you can really tell the boys look alike! I can always tell them apart but you can really see the similarities there.

  2. Oh how cute do all three boys look. I’ve been sick with the flu the entire week so have not been able to check the site. Makes my day to see those handsome boys of yours. Weston was way to cute with his lip action. awwww, he;s like who is this guy with the beard. Logan wow brave little man, he;s like hey whatever. I love there cute little faces. Thanks for sharing Mel, I was able to catch up on all the other posts. U defenitely have a way with words. your an inspiration to so many of us.
    God bless and Happy Holidays.

  3. OMG-Weston’s face is priceless!!! It really made me laugh 🙂 We haven’t done the Santa thing yet with our 4 yr old and 1 yr old; they get to see Santa when he comes to daycare next week, so we’ll see how that goes! Love the pics of the boys–and how nice is that that Dougs company puts on a Christmas party for the kids!! That is awesome-not many places do that! We don’t even have Christmas party anymore…everyone is so “politically correct” nowadays (blech!) makes me sick! Kudos to Doug’s company 🙂

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