Magic of Christmas

It’s 10:40 am, I have to pick up Jaden by 11:15 (half day today for him) and I am not showered, haven’t brushed my teeth, haven’t wrapped the gifts I was planning to wrap, the house is a mess … and what am I doing?  Blogging!  Just feeling a little overwhelmed with it all and not really sure where to start so I guess I won’t. hahaha

Here is a little rant …. Why does Jaden feel the need to change his request to Santa a week and a half before Christmas?  A week and a half people!  Back in Nov he wrote a letter asking for a Wii game.  I figured that’s easy enough … I’ll stop at Game Stop and pick out something.  Easy one.  No need to rush out and get something before it sells out.  THEN at Doug’s work party he asked Santa for a Batman action figure … a big one.  REALLY?  I have asked him a few times since then and it’s consistently been a Batman toy.  A tall one.  Commence the stressing out.  I have gone to two Wal-Marts, Toys R Us, Target, JC Penny, Sears … nothing.  They are all sold out.  They have those smaller ones but he already has two of those. He wanted a bigger one this year.

Christmas has always had this magic about it for me … the time of year where you get exactly what you wanted.   I remember how happy my parents were when I opened the perfect gift.  I didn’t get it back then, but I totally get the warmth as a parent when you see your child just soooo thrilled!

My parents were crazy good at the Santa thing too.   I didn’t question it until I was in the 4th grade … when my teacher told me the ‘truth’.  MY 4th GRADE TEACHER!  Lame.  To this day I don’t know where my parent’s hid those presents … and trust me, I looked for them!  They had the neighbor write out the tags so it was different handwriting.  They always did something clever like leave the fireplace slightly open.  I really believed.  I had no reason not to.

I want that same magic for Jaden … I know it’s stupid and it’s about more than just gifts.  Love, Jesus, God … I know … This year I want the perfect gift for Jaden, not for material reasons, but to keep the fire of belief alive inside.  I want him to have the warm and fuzzies on Christmas morning because I love him that much.  I love him so I want him to be happy.  Just like doing random acts of kindness for your husband or friend.

It’s easy to remember your kids on Christmas, but don’t forget about your spouse.  It’s a time to let him/her know how much you love him too.  I say this as a way to remind myself too.  The holiday could totally suck … reminders of having three babies last year.  I have learned though that it is at least bearable with Doug by my side.  When he and I are on the same page and we can offer comfort to each other.  One thing I have learned for certain, without any doubt, is that I want to go through this grieving process with my husband.  Doug.  I don’t write too much about my marriage, I share almost everything about me as a mom.  Doug and I are a “normal” (what is normal?) couple.  We have our fights.  Owen’s passing has convinced me that I want to work through every fight.  It’s worth it.  I want my husband by my side.

If I don’t wrap this up, I’m going to have a very upset 5-year-old because I’m late.  So love yourself, love your kids and love your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other this Christmas season.  It doesn’t have to cost $, but find an extra special way to let them know just how much you really love them.  It’ll be worth it.

Love, Mel


  1. I love this post – so true! The happiest of holidays to you and your beautiful family, Mel. Can’t wait to set up a time to get together soon!

  2. I was in the basement tonight, putting the finishing touches on Santa’s big delivery. Angels delivered this season because my 4th grader asked for stuff there was no way I could afford. However – I scored the exact item, in LIKE NEW condition for a “to die for” price and Santa is one AWESOME dude this year 😀

    I believed in Santa until 5th grade… I’m hoping to break that record with my own kids!

  3. Mel,
    This blog just hits home with me. I am having a hard time this holiday season, and my husband is feeling the brunt of it. Your words made me realize that I need to show him how much I appreciate him, and how much I love him. I love living life with my kids and him by my side. I couldn’t imagine life with out him or the kiddos. He is the yin to my yang, the center of my universe. Thank you for your words, you blog beautifully!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  4. Mel I love this post. I agree, defenitely don’t forget your spouse. i actually am going straight from work today to get a gift for just him my one and only true love, my man who has been with me threw everything. we defenitely focus a lot on our lil guy, we want him to have a wonderful christmas, but we sure didn’t forget about eachother. your awesome Mel, I’m sure Doug is so proud to have a women like you by his side. May your christmas be as wonderful as you all are. Merry christmas Bissing family. God bless!!!

  5. I also have someone else write out the gift tags for my kids or type them up on the computer and the oldest just turned 15! Santa also wraps his gifts with Santa on the paper and a must two gifts are socks and underwear, My four year old was so happy that the elves made him new boxers!

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