Christmas Eve

I’m FINALLY getting time to sit down and recount our Christmas celebration.  Having a husband home on vacation throws a wrench into my normal routine where I would have time to blog during the triplet’s morning nap.  Glad to have him home, but sheesh I miss my routine.

The day before Christmas Eve Doug got sick.  Like up on night-puke bucket next to the bed-keep the door shut so the sickness stays in there-kind of sick.  I thought I was successful in keeping them out of the bedroom until Logan started to up heave Friday night.  My first thought?  Crap, now we really are going to miss Grandma Van’s Christmas Eve party.  That makes four years in a row!  Who misses something four years in a row?  This family does.  I was irritated.

Logan woke up fine and did fine the rest of the day too.  I was waiting on pins and needles to see who was going to drop next … hoping it wouldn’t be me.

Jaden realized we didn’t have any cookies in the house to leave Santa – pretty sure we can thank Doug for that one 🙂  So Jaden and I made a batch of peanut butter cookies for the big guy. (yes he is wearing a batman costume haha)

We played a few family games.  Watched a bunch of Christmas movies.  Opened up some new Christmas pj’s from my sister.


I love how they start to get worse and worse as they go one.  Jaden tries so hard to keep smiling while the triplets beat him up.  Good big brother.  But this wrestling and monkey pile is a normal fixture in our house most days 🙂

I made Doug snap a few of me and my boys too 🙂

It started out innocent with a smile from Logan …

Then mass chaos set in!

They get worse and worse as we try to take a nice family picture 🙂  I feel bad for Jaden’s face in these …

Doug read Jaden the Night Before Christmas as Grandma Van reads the story every Christmas Eve – at the family gathering we weren’t able to attend … I’m not bitter …

And of course we put out cookies for Santa before heading to bed.  Six cookies to be exact.  One for each member of our family 🙂

Doug and I watched a movie ourselves before heading off to bed.  Praying that no one would wake up puking during the night ….

Love, Mel


  1. I was wondering whats been up the you all. Sucks Doug had to get sick and you all had to miss x-mas eve by Grnadma Van’s. I’m sure they will understand this years reason. not quite sure about the other 3. hahaha the flu is defenitely going around. me and my family including my baby have already had it which sucked big time. I got the worst of it. It’s wonderful to see all the beautiful photos of the kids. Jaden is defenitely a trooper to still be smiling as the triplets beat him up. its all way to cute. puts a smile on my face to see your beautiful boys. I hope you have a wonderful new years Mel, God bless you all, and as always, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. oh and i forgot to mention. love the matching PJ’s from your sister. way to adorable. Love that Jaden has the same one’s as the triplets

  3. I love the matching PJs and that the pictures get progressively ‘worse.’ I think those pictures are more fun though. They’ll be a great thing to look back on in the future.

  4. So cute! Love the Pjs, I got the same for my son from carters right? And love the chaos pics! We have a 5 yr old son and boy/girl twins who will be 1 on Jan 13th. The pics remind me of ours where we had our oldest lie in his tummy and we put our daughter on his back and our other son behind her since she’s the little one. She grabbed hold of our oldest’s hair and wouldnt let go, he was laughing at first but then it went bad and he was almost crying! He lets them beat him up alot!

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