Reflections on 2011

With 2011 drawing to a close … I keep thinking about the News Year Resolutions I posted last January.  This past year has been a doo-see that’s for sure.  No one would blame me if I didn’t make a single one come true.

  1. Make a Mommy Friend
  2. Keep Blogging
  3. So fresh and so clean
  4. Jaden’s Activity of Choice
  5. The Great Outdoors
I think I did pretty darn good though …
I made lots of new mommy friends.  It started with the Supermom’s group at church and continued with meeting many moms over the internet.  This year was the first year I had other kids to shop for for Christmas.  Jaden had a bunch of friends to get a little something for.  It was really a lot of fun … especially those friends with girls.  hehehe I love me a baby tutu!
Keep blogging?  I think that one turned out … wink wink  Not only did I keep blogging but it went almost viral with 123,000 hits on May 26th.
I showered most every day … I get dressed most of the time 🙂  I can’t say I’ve showered everyday of 2011 … just being honest.  But I got into a good habit of making sure to shower before Doug leaves for work.  That helped a lot.
We signed Jaden up for TBall last summer.  He also wanted to attend Healing Hearts.  Next on the list is Karate.  He loves his superheros and wants to be more like them I think.  Perhaps that’s something for 2012.
The great outdoors I think I failed at.  The only time I really get out of the house these days is to go to Target and the bus stop.  Even in the summer time I found that the effort it took to get all three babies out the door and into a stroller was way more work than it was worth.  Jaden did play outside more than years past.  He played with the neighbor kids a lot.  To the point I was happy for school to start because they were all fighting.  I’m hoping when the triplets are bigger this summer it will be easier to get outside more.
Four out of five isn’t bad.  I think I passed 🙂  Now for thinking up a few resolutions for 2012.  Any ideas?
Love, Mel


  1. My son is three and does taekwondo and it’s awesome!! It becomes part of your family! They have Halloween parties, Christmas parties, belt ceremonies, etc it’s really fun! You should def do it! 🙂

  2. The great outdoors will become more and more of a reality – most boys LOVE being outside… so that one will probably take care of itself. But I think you should definitely keep “blogging” on your list. You’re very good at it, and have wonderful insights to share. Happy New Year Mel!

    Katie M

  3. First of all Happy New Year Bissing Family.
    Mel, I also think you should def continue to blog. Your such a great writer. And those photos you always post of the boys. Just heart melting for sure. Hope this new year brings lots of happiness your way. God bless you all!!

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