I’m going cRaZy!!!!

What happened to my cute, nice babies?  While they are still cute, they have gone nuts!  Climbing on tables, pulling pictures off of the wall above the couch and leaping from the couch to the recliner chair. That’s right, I have babies who think they can fly.  Jealous?

Weston thinks the coffee table is a stage … I had to snap a few photos before getting him down.  I’m that mom.

Jaden was sick Monday and Tuesday.  While I loved all the extra cuddle/movie time I had with him, I’m glad he is back at school for the day.  I feel like a rat trying to claw her way out of the house.  Yet I really don’t have motivation to go anywhere as I’m so tired from chasing all my kids around for two days.

I have a Supermom’s meeting tonight that is SOOOO needed!  I’m really looking forward to a lovely sweet treat and a fancy coffee while chatting it up with some wonderful christian women.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hoping to meet some friends for lunch today … OUTING!  Then, making a trip to Wal-Mart.  I need the showering essentials and am hoping to treat myself to a few new skeins of yarn.  I’m a geek!  But I’ve been addicted to crocheting and my krafty knitter these days.  Made my first ‘elf’ hat last night while watching my tv shows.

The rest of the week should get a little better.  Supermoms tonight, 4K Parent Group Meeting tomorrow, doc appointment for me on Friday morning.  The babies will have a sitter … that means I’ll have 15 mins alone in the car both ways.  That’s THIRTY minutes for just me, my thoughts and some good music.

Man, the life of a stay at home mom …

Love, Mel


  1. Omg that is my son!I have b/g twins who will be a year Friday and he’s already able to climb on the furniture! Love the pic! Hang in there these are the tiring years! I’ve got a 5 yr old too so I vaguely remember!

  2. My Emily is a stinker too! She goes in the kitchen and helps herself to her own snacks, with the babyproofing and all!!! Love the hat! I need to learn to crochet!! I have the knitting down but would love to do hats!!! Love the pics too! 🙂

  3. YEAY for 30 minutes of “alone time”. Can’t you count the time in the office as well. I do. Sometimes I lay down on the table in the room, shut my eyes, and soak up the “no kids are screaming or saying ‘mom, mom, mom'” quiet. So nice! I hope you enjoy it.

    BTW, the pics are SO CUTE! Those hats are awesome.

  4. OMG, Weston is to adorable for words. I have my son who will be 2 next month. I think he has already hit his terrible 2’s early though. He to climbs on everything. at least your coffee table is low, just think about the dining room table, my lil guy climbs the chair and on to the table he goes. I honestly don’t like when he gets up there, u just never know. I can just imagine how much more work it is with 2 babies. my brother in law has triplet girls, they are in the Sewmot group with you. They are wonderful little girls. they are already 2 as well. woohoo for your 30min of quite time, hope all meetings are great. and god bless you and the fam!!!!!!

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