Logan in a Box

I think Logan was given the wrong name … he should have been Jack.  Here is why:

This one wasn’t successful.  Just as I was ready to snap the picture, he toppled backwards and bumped his head.  I still took the photo.  Because I’m THAT mom 🙂

Why limit yourself to climbing into boxes when you can stand in a drum?

Why stay in the box when you can climb up and sit on the window sill?

Naked baby climbing into my cupboards.

Weston trying to be like his “bigger” brother!

What is better than one baby in a box?  THREE babies in a box!  It was so much fun listening to all of their belly laughs as they climbed all over each other.

Get it?  Logan should have been named Jack … Jack in a box?

Love, Mel


  1. LOL I am also that mom. hahah its funny how babies really do love boxes. They are so adorable Mel, I love to see there little chunky selves. God bless them all.

  2. Your boys are adorable!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Kids love boxes and tupperware- makes us wonder why we spent so much on all the cute toys over the years 🙂

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