Proof that my kids are monsters!

I desperately need to take back control of my house.  I don’t mean this in a whining sort of way.  Or in a way that implies I’m looking for pity.  I fully acknowledge that it’s all my fault my babies are out of control!

In spite of the chaos of the house and the naughtiness …. I can’t help but laugh (sometimes hysterically) at the things these kids come up with!  AND I usually find the time to grab my camera when things get really nuts.  Making memories right??

Why not play in Mom’s cupboards?  They look pretty fun to me … if only I would fit in there!

Jaden couldn’t stay away for long 🙂

I mean come on!  How cute is that?  Two boys all snuggled in their “fort”  If only this wasn’t happening when I was trying to make dinner 🙂

and yes … Jaden isn’t wearing any pants.  What is it with boys that they come home from school and drop their drawers?  ALL of my kids take off their pants and run around nakie.  Is it a boy thing?  Or a Bissing boy thing?

Oh yes … making memories!  Come on moms … what crazy stories about your kids do you have to share?  I know I’m not alone in this nut house named motherhood!

Love, Mel


  1. Ha- my boy takes his pants off any chance he can. I truly think it’s a boy thing. Love the baby in the cupboard video made me laugh.

  2. I love how you can hear the stove timer beeping in the background, yet you still grab your camera to “make a memory”. (hope dinner wasn’t burnt).

    I ran bathwater Sunday night and told the kids to start getting undressed…while I was grabbing towels and washclothes, Mira got in the tub…with all of her clothes ON! REALLY!?

  3. Definitely a boy thing-course that’s all I have so maybe girls do that too 🙂 The minute we get home shirts come off and before long so do the pants, sometimes unders/diapies. My 4 year old when he was 2 was playing in the pool outside and decided he didn’t like the swim diaper and was too hot. Next thing I knew he was running around the entire yard butt naked!!! On one hand I was mortified someone would see, but at the same time I was laughing so hard I couldn’t catch him if I had tried to get anything on him anyway!!! They do the craziest things when they are little 🙂

  4. I have 4 young boys, very close in age, and stuff like that happens all the time! You just have to laugh or you will go crazy! Mine are slightly older than you so now they just go in the kitchen and find something to eat. It is impossible to keep my kitchen clean with an 8 yr old, twin 6 yr. olds, and a 4 1/2 yr old. They just mess up whatever room I’m not in.. I’ll be cleaning upstairs and they trash the basement or vise a versa. Gotta love boys!

  5. Awww they are to cute. I have one and he gets into everything. and of course being the mom I am I always have to grab a camera to snap away. My lil guy also takes off his diaper any chance he gets, he loves to run around but naked. its way to adorable though.

  6. My twin sister and I used to crawl through my mothers bottom cupboards in the kitchen and push EVERYTHING out. Then “help” make dinner by pouring the flour into the pots. Apparently we loved it and giggled the whole time.

  7. Dear mel, I’m a grandma with 2 and a half year old twin. Boys and a 10 month old baby girl. Boy thing running naked. My boys never like to wear clothes or want jammies like Grandma, comfy! They like ziploc bowls, pots n pans and the potatoes of course! They also have the cupboard where they go to, to poop, ah yes! And baby sister is learning to play with same cupboards boys did! Did I forget all the fingerprints on everything ? But the love I get back in return makes up for all of the above !!!

  8. When i was younger i thought it was acceptable to take of my shirt. i never realized that girls needed that on, so now we have all these lovly pictures of shirtless me 🙂 I also had a small cupboard that i would always play in. my mother kept it empty so i wouldnt have anything to take out and make mess with

  9. I thought MY son was the only one! It must be a boy thing! Mine comes home from school and the jeans are off in a flash. And the socks, too. I always thought he was really warm or something. Glad you shared this boy “insight”!! Ha!

  10. As you well know, when Tucker walks out without his pants on, Eric and I both ask if it’s Bissing House Rules tonight? I love the kind of mom you are! The boys sure are lucky boys…Poor Tucker is locked out of all our cabinets – I have a funny feeling the triplets and Jaden will be showing Tucker how to unproof our childproofed house (: can’t wait for the chaos!

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