Faith of a Child

I took Jaden with me to a midweek Lenten service at church.  At the end of each midweek service, they hold a special prayer time.  Kneeling benches are placed in front of church and two people stand at each prayer bench, willing and ready to pray with you … for whatever is heavy on your heart.  When the time started last night, Jaden asked me what was going on.  I asked him if there was anyone or anything he’d like to pray about … we could go up and pray about it with Pr. Frank.  He said no and I just smiled and said that was ok.  Frankly, I’m intimidated to go up there are pray too.

Then something changed his mind.  He pulled on my sleeve.  “Mom, I want to pray of Owen.”  My heart both melted from his faith and swelled with pride.  We waited our turn.  As we walked to the front of church, he turned around and said “don’t come with me, I want to go by myself.”  Whoa … this kid was more courageous than I even knew!  I paused a few feet behind him … Pr Frank looked at me for some guidance so I approached from behind and told them he wanted to pray for his brother Owen.

Jaden knew exactly what to do without anyone telling him.  He knelt down before Pr. Frank, folded his hands and bowed his head.  It was a beautiful prayer … the faith and courage of a child.  Simply beautiful.

A friend of mine took a picture of this special moment and emailed it to me this morning.

and yes he is wearing Sponge Bob Squarepants pajamas … without his shoes no less!  He took his shower before church so we would be ready for bed when we got home … couldn’t talk him into wearing real clothes.  I decided to pick my battle and wearing his pajamas just wasn’t one of them.  God would love that Jaden came to His house just the way he was.  Some of the high schoolers said that they were going to wear their pj’s next week!  My son the trend setter …

Love, Mel


  1. This photo brough huge tears to my eyes. ABSOLUTLEY priceless. What a sweet sweet boy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m going to smile bigger today thinking of his kind heart and Spongebob jammies!!

  2. This made my heart swell with joy and love. Probably one of the most precious pictures ever. What faith! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Annnnd I’m crying in my cubicle at work. Thank you for sharing with us. I have no words for Jaden’s bravery and faith. How special!
    PS. that picture is priceless

  4. what a beautiful photo. I love it that you can go forward to pray and know that two others will be there to pray with you. even if jaden doesn’t know it now, many of us pray with him every day. Pray for him, pray for Owen and pray for your family. Hoping that those prayers bring comfort to him. Thank you for sharing how Jaden is getting through his feelings.

    Many heart hugs to you !

  5. Melissa, as a mom of a 4.5 year old boy, I’m finding that as time goes by, he’s much wiser and in tune to his world, than I ever could imagine someone his age could be. Much like Jaden, it seems. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Imagine if we all could be as courageous in our faith as Jaden is…to march up there, stand before God in his jammies and pray for something that is weighing on his heart! WOW!

    *(and what an awesome friend for taking a picture of that moment!)

  6. Tears in these eyes too, Momma!! Be proud of that boy – he’s beautiful…. on the outside too 😉

  7. Ahhhh, tears here too. What an amazing son you have. And he is right. Owen is still around all the time. I think of your family I think of your Owen when I see orange. I think of your Owen when I see a butterfly. I think of your Owen when I hear the name Owen. I think of your Owen when I see a bumper sticker saying “Organ donors live on forever” or any other sticker on organ donation. My twins just celebrated a birthday and woke up 2 days later and told me that their Papa had come back. My daughter was certain about it and could tell me where he was sitting during his visit. He passed away a year and a half ago, when they were barely 2.5. What a blessing you are to all of us and again, thank you for continuing to share your families journey. I have such anticipation every time I open my email that I will have an update on your blog.

  8. what a precious moment. he is a brave little boy and you are doing a great job raising him. He is a reflection of your strength!

  9. Wow my eyes got so watery. I held these tears in as I’m at work reading this. He is one brave kid, thats for sure. That picture is beautiful. I love his spongebob jammies. Your doing a great job Mel. God bless your family!!!!

  10. I find it a bit disrespectful to dress in pajamas for church and silly that you made the comment that he couldn’t be “talked into” clothes. Um, who is the parent

    • Anon,
      I certainly am the parent. But I’m also a parent who chooses her battles wisely. I didn’t mind that he went to church in his pjs – I’m not embarrassed by my children. My church is also one that accepts everyone and wants them to “come as they are.” It’s not disrespectful but rather proof that my church makes it a comfortable place to go to … without any judging. I don’t need to be dressed nice to worship God and be in His house. Jesus accepted prostitutes, why not a five year old who is in his pajamas?

  11. OMG I completely understand why the above comments are from “anon”. Doesn’t have the nerve to post their name because they are ashamed of what they wrote. Shame…….unless you’ve walked in someone’s shoes you have nOOOOOO right to judge.

  12. This just makes your heart melt, I can’t imagine how proud you were of him ! Always think of you, love and prayers. Sher

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