Belly Buttons

What is with belly buttons?  They are so weird!  I love Sandra Boyton’s “The Belly Button Book” … If you haven’t read it you should … It’s honestly that good.

Well the babies have found theirs!  Logan pulls up his shirt all the way to his chin and will play with his belly button or he will waddle over to show it to me.  I usually poke it and tell him how cute he is.  He laughs and does it all over again.  As soon as Weston catches on that it’s belly button playing time he is right there with his shirt up …. Sticking out his gut so I’ll play with his belly button too.

Here is where it gets weird …. It never fails, after a few rounds of silliness with their bellies, they want to see my belly button!  They start grabbing at my shirt, pulling it up to see what’s under there.  If I’m sitting on the couch, it’s buried for good.  My rolls sort of fold over and hide it.  The babies aren’t smart enough to go looking for it under my high-waisted mom jeans just yet.

When laying flat on my back on the ground one day, I let them hunt for my belly button.  Then they discovered just how much mom’s belly jiggles and wiggles after having three babies grow in there.  It shakes like a bowl full of jelly.  They wiggle it, and laugh and laugh and poke at me some more.  Jaden has even told me it’s like scrambled eggs.  Note to self:  teach Jaden not to compare his wife’s stomach to any sort of breakfast food after they have kids of their own.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this new game of theirs.  It’s so funny when they are playing with their own belly buttons.  I enjoy that part of the game!  I suppose there really is no harm in it really … and to think I had body image issues when I was 16 years old and wore size five pants.  How life changes.  Those belly buttons are just such weird things …

Love, Mel


  1. Tee hee.. chuckle snort! At my twins 2 year appt, Kemper asked the doctor to take his belly button off, he swore there was something evil about it. So silly… and we do the belly button search game too… which has escalated to the ‘balls’ game and the ‘penis’ game… and occasionally the ‘boobies’ game.. OH JOY to have all boys!


  2. 🙂
    My daughter Lilly loves her “BEEBO”. We have read that book so many times. She too, lifts up her shirt and plays with her belly button.

  3. That is to cute. My son also did the same thing when he was around their age. He used to love looking at mines. good thing you don’t have yours pierced. I did, and oh did he give it a good pull. that really hurt, but he laughed so cute afterwards I couldn’t help but to laugh as well. the fun things we get to see with our lil ones. thanks for sharing Mel…..

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