Worst Mom of the Year

I think I have earned the “Worst Mom of the Year” award today … my sister says maybe “Worst Mom of the Day”

Last night I told Jaden that today was a half day of school. We talked about him hanging out with YaYa and how I was going to pick him up before lunch … well this morning I looked at the calendar and saw that I messed up.  NEXT week is a half day on Friday.  Crap. All I could think about was that he was going to be so mad at me.

I sat him down and explained my mistake.  I told him that I had to run errands this morning anyways so I could take him to school as a way to make it up to him.  He seemed pleased.  I was thinking “YES!  Out of the dog house with my five-year old – phew.  Melt down avoided!”

Well he was a slow poke getting his shoes on and we were about 5 mins late so I wasn’t surprised when there weren’t any school buses in front of school.  (are you seeing where this story is going?)  I walked him about half way up the sidewalk and told him he knew how to get to class.  He smiled and asked me to pick him up from school.  I told him maybe.  Then I smiled, waved goodbye and hopped in the minivan and drove off.

It wasn’t until I was all the way into Waukesha (about 20 mins) on the phone with my mother-in-law, debating on whether or not I should make a pit stop for coffee when Doug beeped in.  I ignored the first call … then he called again.  I was thinking “DOUG I’ll call you back!”  Then the third call.  I got worried there was something wrong.  When I clicked over Doug told me I need to pick up Jaden from school.  “Why what’s wrong”  “Umm Mel, there is no school today.”

CRAP!  I was that mom!  I shooed my kid into school and went on my merry way … then I started thinking if Jaden was upset with me about not having a half day – what in the world was he going to say when I picked him up after this?

I later found out from his teachers that he just marched around school like he belonged there.  He must have went to his classroom and when his friends weren’t there he headed over to the Book Fair.  A mom shared with me that he was picking out books but told her he wished he had some money so he could buy it.  The principal saw him at the Book Fair and asked where I was.  Whoops!

So there you have it … Worst Mother of the Year Day here!  To top it off I found, not one, but TWO flyers that were sent home in his folder yesterday reminding us that there was no school today.  If only I had checked his folder yesterday like I was supposed to.  Oh well – I suppose he has to have some dirt on me to grip about when he goes off to college or gets married.  Maybe I really did him a favor …

Love, Mel


  1. Feels bad I know, but truly funny if you look at the big picture, right? I once FORGOT to pick up my child at school…..so embarrassing on many levels.

  2. LOL o my…just have a good laugh.the two of you will find this funny yrs from now :)) God bless.

  3. LOL oh my goodness!! I would be equally mortified for sure, but I’m very
    glad to hear there were parents/teachers around that were able to keep an eye on him until you got there. It will eventually be a funny story to look back on!!! 🙂

  4. I don’t think so! We have all done something similar. When my daughter was about 8 she was taking the bus to school and one day I was late in getting home to meet her at the end of the day. I felt TERRIBLE as I pulled up in the driveway. She was calmly sitting with the neighbor on the front step (it was spring time). Luckily the neighbor was home and we knew her well and my daughter knew to go get her. So, it probably happens to all of us moms at least once. At least there was a book fair and there were people around- could have been worse.
    Luckily my daughter never has used that against me – yet. She is 26 so I think I may be safe now. Whew.
    I can totally relate to the horrible feeling and fear it conjures up though.
    You are a GREAT mom – now list all the amazing things you do- they will WAY out number one little incident like this.

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