Thank You for Making the Easter Bag Project a Success!

To say that the Little Warrior & Supermoms of Ascension’s event this past weekend was a success would be an understatement!  We had about 40 kids with their parents come and join in on the fun.  There were members of my church, those who have participated in previous Little Warrior events, a daisy troop – families of all kinds!  I was amazed at how many people were brought together to serve the same purpose.  At the end of the day we made 238 completed bags for the Hope Center.  There are a ton of items also being donated on their own.  Not to mention we raised about $140 in our bake sale!

I want to thank each and every one of you who donated your time and money to this project.  Even if you donated your secret stash of hotel shampoos and conditioners – thank you!  Not only have you made a difference in a stranger’s life, but you also helped keep Owen’s fight alive.  He fought for ‘life’ while he was here on earth, and we are continuing to fight for what is ‘good’ in his memory.

I can’t describe what goes through my mind during these events.  I suppose it’s a lot of things – what needs to happen next, are my kids being behaving?  But it’s also this sense of calmness and knowledge that I am where I’m supposed to be.  Running these events brings me such joy and purpose out of life.  I’m honored to have this opportunity and instrument to use in life.  Thank you so much for helping me feel meaningful.

I was one proud mama this weekend!  Owen, I love you – mom is proud of you!

Love, Mel

Here are some pictures from the day:


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  1. Jenna, Emily and I had a great time. They already can’t wait till the next event! 😉
    I sent you an email about the t-shirts.

  2. Mel, it looks like it was an amazing turn out. Thanks so much for sharing the awesome photos. 🙂

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