We survived our trip to the zoo!

Two weeks ago (when it was just about 80 degrees outside!) I took all three boys to the zoo … by myself!  I’m not sure if I was brave or out of my mind!!  I was too terrified to take the triplets out of the wagon, so they just stayed strapped in the whole day.  They were pretty good about it … lots of stuff to look at I guess.

Jaden was pretty good too.  He liked being the big brother and being able to make all the choices.  I pretty much let him lead us all around for the day.  We saw the fish, tigers, monkeys, lions, bats … you name it Jaden took us to see them.

The greatest part?  We SURVIVED!!  And I think could do it again.  It’s a little hard to sneak in a zoo visit while Jaden is in school (we either run into nap time or we wouldn’t get home in time to get Jaden off the bus).  BUT this summer, when I’ve got all three boys all day long (I’m tired just thinking about what it’s going to be like) the zoo is going to be a savior!  Can the zoo be voted best mom of the year?

Love, Mel

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

That face pretty much sums up Jaden …

All I asked for was one picture of them all … and they are all looking in a different direction!

Jaden walked around the entire zoo – I thought I’d be a nice mom and let him ride to the car – all three boys all together.   Makes this mom smile ear to ear 🙂

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