Jaden’s Fancy Clothes

Last night Jaden wanted to (get this) sleep in his fancy clothes (ie dress shirt, pants and tie).  Because of all of his allergies, we have some serious lotion to put on at night for all his dry skin.  So we tried to put the fancy clothes on over his pjs so the lotion wouldn’t get all over.  It just wasn’t doing the trip.  So instead, Jaden wanted to wear his fancy clothes to school today.

Sure enough, he remembered and was just as excited as last night.  We got all dressed up and then he put on his brand new Avenger shoes.  I thought ‘wow he sort of looks punk’ haha

Just as we are getting ready to walk out the door he said “mom I need flowers!”  I asked him who he needed flowers for (you never know with my kid).  He said Mrs Richmond, his morning teacher.  My heart melted as I pictured Jaden walking into school with his fancy clothes on and his tie, with a flower in his hand for his teacher.  Priceless.

So here I am telling him to stand at the bottom of the driveway just in case the bus comes as I run out to the backyard with a wet paper towel, a piece of foil and a pair of scissors to cut one of my tulips for Jaden’s teacher.  While I wish he had planned a head a little more with this cute plan, I was pretty proud of how thoughtful he was this morning.

I hope that I raise Jaden to be the kind of man who brings his wife home flowers – just because.

Love, Mel


  1. melt my heart! So sad though, that he’s choosing to wear his fancy clothes for someone besides me…that is still my favorite Jaden story when he came out in fancy clothes and Doug’s cologne the first time Tucker and I came over! hehe (: I love your boys & you too!

  2. You are raising such a wonderful and thoughtful young man. His wife (violet) will be so lucky! 🙂

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