Weston = bird boy

With the weather getting warmer these days, I’ve learned something about Weston – he LOVES birds.  We are talking total freak out – will watch them out the back door for hours kind of love.  I grabbed my iPad to video tape a freak out session while trying to get the kids in the house after running Jaden to school.  Hence the pj’s in the video 🙂  Enjoy!

Love, Mel


  1. OMG way to adorable. Your yard is beautiful, perfect for them to have fun…Mr bird boy is so adorable, and by the way did he get a hair cut. it looks like it and he looks freakin adorable. Logan was just doing his own thing, way to cute. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Omg this just made me giggle! this is soo adorable. 🙂 just wait until Weston gets a bit older… he will tell you when he hears the birds.. and I made the miskate of letting my 2 year old feed the birds…. Now he asks to feed the birds when he hears them. 🙂 haha. Logan is totally rocking his own thing!

  3. TOO stinking cute!! 🙂 If he loves birds thar much, you should take your boys on a field trip to CARE (Center for Avaian Research and Education) in Richfield. It’s a bird rescue where I dropped off one my my transports last year, and they have an AMAZING array of birds! Check it out! 🙂

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