Easter 2012

Easter morning came at about 6:45am.  Jaden was SUPER excited to see what the bunny brought for him this year.  He’s been telling me how the bunny totally messed up last year and he hopes he gets it right this year.  We still need to work on Jaden’s thankfullness … yikes!

Logan found his and Weston’s baskets right away.

Weston dug right into the Peeps … he eat a whole row of them like corn on the cob!

Yep, this picture pretty much sums it up …

Took Jaden a bit to find his basket … but he finally did.  AND he’s been talking about how awesome the Easter Bunny was this year.  Excuse me while I rock on with my bad self … thank you very much!

My sister bought the boys their Easter outfits.  SO STINKING CUTE!  Of course you would think that Jaden was a teenager the way he complained the entire day about only wanting to wear his new Batman Lego tshirt he got from grandma.  What happened to the kid that wore a collared shirt and tie to school all last week?  I was able to get a few really nice pictures of the boys in their outfits.

I find myself wondering what this picture would look like if Owen where here.  Then, I see Jaden’s arms around Logan and Weston, and I feel like he is in this picture.  He’s in Jaden’s arms that hold and guide his brothers.  He’ll remember Owen.  He’ll be able to tell them about all three babies when they get older.  Even though it kills me that Jaden knows the pain of death so early, it’s beautiful to know that he will remember it so he can tell the triplets.  Maybe it will mean something different to the boys hearing about their brother FROM their older brother.

Switching gears … I know that I’m their mom … but dang I think my kids are cute 🙂  Now I just need to remember this on the days that I don’t find them so cute …

We headed over to Doug’s grandma’s house in the afternoon.  The boys had a blast playing outside with all of the older cousins.  It’s really special watching Jaden run around with the other kids … he’s so proud to have his cousins.  Watching how happy he is, makes me even happier.

Watching the boys play together was so much fun too!

Easter was also Aunt Kris’ birthday.  She is such a great sharer that she decided to let the babies dig into her cake!  They eat just like their first birthday!  Weston dug in with both hands and Logan was danty about it … just using one finger and careful not to make a mess.  So funny since Logan is a garbage disposal and will eat just about anything you put in front of him.  Weston eats like a bird (another reason to call him bird boy haha!)  I think he’s going to be like me with a MAJOR sweet tooth 🙂

Overall it was a wonderful holiday.  We got home nice and late … just hand enough energy to unload the car.  Forget about unpacking.  But that’s exactly what a holiday is all about – spending time with each other and not on chores.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter as well!

Love, Mel


  1. It sounds like you all had a GREAT holiday with the family! I’m sure Owen was thought of frequently and missed (as always), but you’re right, he’s everywhere. I LOVE the boys’ outfits…though my favorite photo is the one of Weston eating his peeps, followed by the sheer joy in the photo afterwards. You’re brave to give them that much sugar at once, ha!

    Happy late Easter, Bissing family!


  2. Oh did they look so freaking adorable. I love the outfits, the hat was way to adorable on them. I also love the picture of the excitement in there face while checking out there baskets.. Jaden looked adorable as well. God bless you and your family and so happy to hear that you all had a blast.. Happy Late Easter!!!! and thanks for sharing with us…

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