Rummage Sale Preparations

I have way too much to do these days … so what do I do?  Blog of course!  haha

My supermom’s group (from Ascension church) is holding their first ever rummage sale this weekend.  We were aiming high with hoping for 25 sellers.  Guess how many we have, just guess …. over 40!  We are so excited (and a little nervous) for the great turn out!

Last fall, I participated in my first ever triplet rummage sale.  It was emotional to say the least.  I insisted on pairing all my triplet clothes together in matching sets of three.  In my mind they were going to go to the perfect family, also expecting triplets.  The clothes my blessed three wore would be worn by another special trio.  I knew I was being irrational, but I just couldn’t find the strength to talk myself into splitting up the clothing.  They had already been torn apart by death, I wasn’t going to disperse the only items I had left that were proof that I gave birth to three boys.  I remember the panic I felt when I saw a pregnant mom who was purchasing several of my sets of three clothes.  “Are you having triplets too?”  No, she was having twins, she just couldn’t pass up the great deal.  She figured she would just have an extra outfit.  The only physical evidence I had left was an “extra” so someone else.  I don’t think I was ready for the sale.

This time is different.  I’ve gone through all the clothes again and pulled out a few outfits that I’d like to keep in the boy’s baby boxes.  I’ve grown into the idea of only needing clothes for two of my triplets.  My third baby is already clothed for life … in wings.

As being one who is always comparing something to another, I find this experience to have so many differences than the last rummage.  I broke apart all my “sets” of clothing, in hopes that they will sell faster.  I am excited to make some extra money – hopefully to be put towards a vacation for my next birthday.  My husband reminds me that some of the profit will have to go back into buying the kids bigger clothes.  He’s so practical …

Maybe I’m a little more experienced this rummage.  Perhaps I’m a little more healed.  Perhaps I’m looking forward to working two full days side by side with some of my best friends.  Whatever the case is, I praise God for the strength to see something good in this.  I am thankful for the fact that there is less pain in my life during these days of rummage preparation.

Now … COME AND SHOP!  Here is my pubic service announcement to all those who live in the Milwaukee area:

When: Friday, April 20 at 4-8pm and Saturday, April 21 at 8am-2pm

Where: Ascension Lutheran Church — 1415 Dopp Street, Waukesha


Please share this information with your friends and families!

For more information and a printable flyer visit:

It’s going to be an anwesome event with tons of really great clothes and toys for sale.  Just check out a few pictures taken after only 9 sellers dropped off their items!

Hope to see you there!

Love, Mel


  1. Hey Mel, I was just wondering if by any chance you dropped off the Cars chair seen there in this photo? And how much its going for. My lil man loves Cars…

  2. Passing it on to friends, I will tell all the moms at MOPS about it tomorrow! Oh, my Little Man would love that scooter!!! I can’t get there at 4 pm but maybe it will still be there when I get there! Hope to see you there!

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