24 Crazy Hours

My cute triplet boys are quickly unraveling out of control!  Just last week, Weston learned how to climb out of his crib … and it’s only gotten worse!

Let me preface this story by saying this all takes place within 24 hours – and Doug is traveling for business.

Yesterday, the triplets went down for their naps as normal.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Emptied the dish washer.  Made a few phone calls.  Finished counting some of the sales from the rummage sale this past weekend.  I was on the phone with a client (I’m helping a military couple plan their wedding in Milwaukee) when I heard the boys start to giggle and talk back and forth.  I remember thinking “Ok I’ve got to wrap this up … I’ve only got a few minutes before hell breaks loose.”

I was just getting off the phone when I heard a big thud.  It sounded like a battery operated owl candle that is sitting on top of the bookcase.  I figured Logan must have found something to throw at it.  Then the noise I never expected to hear …. the sound of the door trying to be opened from the inside.  One of them was out of their cribs again!  I quickly got up to see who it was … and to my surprise it was LOGAN!

Great, now I have two 17 month olds who know how to climb out of their cribs.  I am SO not ready for toddler beds!

The rest of the day was pretty well-behaved.  My mom watched the kids so I could go see a possible wedding venue for the wedding I’m helping with (thank you YaYa!) and they were in bed and sleeping by the time I got home.

This morning I could hear them start to cry around 6:30am.  I drifted in and out of sleep while they were playing and occupying themselves.  I finally dragged myself out of bed around 7:15.

Well the first thing I noticed was that Logan was bottomless … diaper and all.  He was flapping in the wind!  (and loving the fresh air I might add)  Then I saw Weston.  He had rocked back and forth in his crib to move it back against the wall – so he was just in reach of the humidifier.  He had the humidifier by the cord and had tipped it on its side, with the water pouring out onto the floor.  I walked over to stop him and stepped into a puddle of something wet on the floor.  Logan had peed in between the crib rails and on to his bummer and on the floor.  Yep … it was gonna be one of those days!

I managed to get a diaper on Logan and get most of the mess cleaned up before I had to focus on getting Jaden ready for school.  I surprisingly got him out the door with a minute to spare.  I no sooner watched the bus drive by, when I heard the garbage can lid shut. Have I told you my kids are part racoon and like to eat out of the garbage?  I hurried into the kitchen to find the boys shaking the empty Bugles bag over their head.  The itty bitty crumbs were flying all over the kitchen like confetti!  AHHHH STOP!!!  I grabbed the broom and swept it all in the corner.  I didn’t even bother to get the dust pan at this point.  WE. MUST. GET. OUT. OF. THIS. HOUSE!

So I tackled each kid to the floor, wrestled some pants and socks on each of them and we headed out to run some errands.  Cars are one of the few places its preferred to strap your kids down so they can’t move 🙂

Now brace yourself if you happen to work in retail.  I did too…but DANG what are these companies thinking?  They brand themselves for being a one stop shop for the soccer mom … yet they don’t carry carts that hold more than one kid.  I could bring in my stroller, but the point of walking around your store is to buy stuff, right?  I walked in one end of the Super Wal-Mart to find only ‘regular’ carts.   I walked to the complete other end of the building to see if there was one there. YES I found one!  Crap … both straps are shredded and useless.

Tell me, why do you even bother having this cart out?  Just to tease us moms with more than one child?  I can hear WalMart talking to me:  Haha you could have shopped with your kids buckled safely, but as payment for having a litter of children you now have the pleasure of wrestling your toddlers to sit in the basket of the cart while you price compare every item (so you can afford your family of four or more).  We sure do hope your children don’t fall out and break their heads.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Needless to say by the time we were ready to check out, Weston had taken a bite of a banana peel, was slightly covered in banana juice from sitting on the bunch, the bread had a footprint in it and the envelope to the birthday card I bought was crumpled in a ball.

Just when you think you might lose it … the only lanes that were open were express!  Yep, 10 items or less.  I said “screw that!”  and I checked out through the express lane with my 30+ items … proudly.  haha

I’m pretty sure running errands was still more enjoyable than staying home this morning … but yet again, I emphasise … this was only the last 24 hours.  What other choice do I have but to laugh?

Here’s to the next 17 years being even more crazy!  and thank goodness for wine!

Love, Mel


  1. Feel your pain mama… my boys are almost 3 (next month) and I’m exhausted by 9 a.m.It takes a special breed to deal with multiples or understand how more than 1 little person can get into so much in so little time. Laughing IS the best medicine indeed…. keep up the good work!!!

  2. You are a great mama!!! And thanks for sharing the fun I will be dealing with in a couple of years. Hope your day starts a little better.

  3. I would want a video of what is going on behind that closed bedroom door. I am sure it would be really funny!

  4. Our boys both have crib tents now…best invention ever. Have not figured how to keep them dressed during naps, though! Hang in there!

  5. I so agree with the shopping cart situation; I don’t have multiples, but I have 2 under the age of 4 and the only place that makes carts big enough to fit both in the seat is Sam’s Club; which we don’t go to anymore. And when you go to Walmart the double ones are either taken or like you said the straps are wrecked. The grocery store has the little “truck” carts, but then you loose so much space in the cart you can’t hardly buy anything! I did find out recently that Aldi’s also has double seater carts-so I go shopping there all the time because of that reason (not sure if there’s an Aldi’s by you or not); although there’s just some things we can’t get there and have to go to our regular store for. But it’s worth not hasseling over one walking or having to grab two carts or something like that!

    I never tried the crib tents; my 20 mo old hasn’t tried climbing out yet, so I hope I don’t have to worry about that for a bit. Although he does LOVE to pull his pants/diapie off and run around flapping in the breeze…must be a boy thing haha!

  6. I feel your Walmart pain. I hate stores that have carts for one. I really feel that there should be carts that hold 2 like at Sam’s club WITH the additional thing that Walmart has to hold 2 more.

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