Summer Bucket List

I clicked on an interesting looking image on Pinterest and found myself on a great blog — You’ll Thank Me One Day.  She posted a Summer Bucket list.  What is it about bucket lists these days?  I just ready about Avery’s bucket list (amazing by the way) and now a Summer bucket list.  I can’t help but feeling like I need to create one of my own.

When we were kids my mom and us kids would sit down to make a list of all the things we wanted to accomplish for the summer.  It was so much fun brainstorming ideas and then checking them off as we accomplished each one.  Man she was a cool mom …

Here is my bucket list for the summer! (the italic ones I’ve stolen borrowed from You’ll Thank Me One Day)

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Make Popsicles
  3. Go to the drive in movies
  4. Have a picnic outside
  5. Roast marshmallows
  6. Go for a boat ride
  7. Have at least a dozen cook outs
  8. Play with water balloons
  9. Play with squirt bottles outside
  10. Plant flowers in the flower beds outside
  11. Attend a Brewer game
  12. Make a tiered planter (as shown here)
  13. See my brother play baseball
  14. Eat ice cream right out of the container
  15. See fireworks
  16. Go to a parade
  17. Visit a farmer’s market
  18. Make a rainbow drink for Jaden
  19. Scope out a bunch of rummage sales
  20. Go strawberry picking
  21. Visit new playgrounds
  22. Paint the frames for my wall of artwork
  23. Visit a fair
  24. Fly a kite

What are your plans for the summer?

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  1. One of my favorite things my mom and I used to do in the summer…have ice cream for dinner. It only happened once or twice a summer, but we’d go get a big yummy sundae. If I was hungry afterwards/later, I’d eat pb&j or fruit instead of dessert. Such a fun memory. We still do it on occasion 🙂


  2. Hi! I love reading other people’s summer bucket list! I would LOVE to go to a drive in movie theater! Thanks for linking back to me! Your blog is awesome!

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