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I’ve been crazy busy and stressed this week.  It’s Teacher Appreciation week and I’m the parent volunteer running this week’s events at Willow.  I have another mom organizing with me — I can’t imagine what it would be like without her!

Last night I was putting the finishing touches on today’s mailbox stuffers and all I could think about was how I wanted to crochet.  I haven’t had time to work on the two “in progress” blankets all week and I was really missing it.  I kept looking at the clock to see if maybe there would be enough time to crochet at least one row.  Considering how tired I was and that it was already 10:30pm I decided to read a few chapters out of “Shades of Grey” (I know — guilty pleasure!) and go to sleep instead.

While brushing my teeth I starting mulling over why I missed crocheting so much and I started to realize that each stitch I crochet, I was also holding myself together.  The time where my hands do all the work and it allows my mind to wander a little bit.  The moments in between rows when I inhale and exhale.  I was literally holding myself together by crocheting.  Without this time of peace each day, I start to lose myself.  I need to crochet for my sanity … not just for the joy of making hats for all my friend’s cute little girls but also for myself.

Jaden asked me to make him a blanket a week or two ago.  When I asked him what color he wanted he said orange because he misses Owen and this way it would be like he was sleeping with him each night.  Then he added that he thought it should have green and blue in it for all of his brothers.  Is it just me or is this a deep thought for a 5 and a half-year old?

As soon as this week’s festivities are over, I’ll be back at it with my crochet hook and yarn.   What helps hold you together?  What part of your daily routine brings you sanity and keeps you from losing your mind?

Love, Mel


  1. Jaden is one of the most thoughtful kids I know! Such a sweet and genuine boy. And you made darn cute stuff for your friends’ little boys too – we get TONS of compliments on Tucker’s hat!

  2. Okay, I decided that I needed to answer your question . . . really more for me than you obviously, but anyway . . . RUNNING. Running holds me together. I always HATED running and then I started doing it during a boot camp last July when the quads were 9 months old and I kept doing it afterward. I ran my first 5K ever when they were 13 months old and I ran 5 miles for the first time ever recently, the day before turned 30! The reason I needed to answer this question is because I have not been doing it lately. I’ve been having back pain, I haven’t had much energy and things have just gotten in my way!! But, what I realize as I started to think about it is that this doesn’t just hurt me, it hurts my kids, because when I’m not “holding it together” well, it definitely affects them! I think running helps me because it is so physically demanding that I can’t think about ANYTHING else when I’m running except my goal. It clears my mind and allows me to start fresh. It also allows me to continuously give myself new goals so that is can change. I NEED to find time for this not only for me, but for my kids sake!! Thanks for asking so that I would gain perspective on this again and realize how important it is.

    In regards to Jaden . . . yes, that is pretty incredible for a 5 year old!! God bless you guys as always and happy crocheting!

  3. Reading. I have to read something….anything…..every day. my grad school work, a racy romance novel (Grey is on my list, once my sis is done with it!) a historical work, heck….even the toothpaste tube. I need to escape into a different world sometimes in order to put my world back in perspective. i normally have 2-3 things being read at a time.

    However, I would love to be able to crochet….I’m looking for someone to teach me. I tried to learn from youtube, but I need someone to show me personally for it to work.

  4. TV. Comedies mostly. Problems stated and solved in 30 minutes. Watching “Friends” over and over. Anything to keep my own mind off of MY negative realities.

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