I find that when I people watch – I mostly watch how people interact with each other and try to guess how they are related.  Are they married?  Dating?  Mother and child?  Or may they are friends who want more?  I have found that I can tell the most about them by the way they touch each other.  I watch for their interactions.  When he leans over to whisper in her ear, does his nose almost graze her ear?  Does he take his hand and move her hair out of the way first?

I watched a mom sitting in front of me rub the shoulders of her boy who sat next to her.  They stood to sing and she gave him a light tickle on his back.  The touch of love.  The silent reminder that I’m thinking about you and I want you to know that I love you.

I watched couples walking up for communion.  The man gently guiding his lady on the small of her back.  The couple who holds hands as they walk out of church.  The mom who rubs the leg of her little one sleeping on her lap.

My mom grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.  She reached over and held my brother and sisters hand at the same time creating a connected line of love.  Support – a silent way of saying “I’m here for you” and “thank you for loving me.”

They all seem so natural.  When I get excited I want to hug a friend.  When Doug does something nice for me I want to plant a big wet kiss right on his lips.  When Jaden cries I just want to cuddle him.  What makes this happen without really thinking about it?  The need, the desire the outward need to be touched.  Does it come from the love?  Does it come from social norms?  The way you touch someone – or even the fact that you touch them at all – says so much about the way you feel.

Hug someone you love today.  Let them know, without a doubt, that you love them.  That you care.  Hold their hand.    Love those around you.  Be kind to one another.

Love, Mel


  1. Awesome post – your writing is so expressive it is a joy to read. So many times that I read your posts I find myself flying through the lines saying to myself in my head “yes” “totally” “I completely agree” etc. You have such a gift!
    What a great message you pass along to all of us today -“hug someone today.” My daughter is in kindergarten and one of the songs that she has been singing around the house in preparation for her end of the year concert is “4 Hug Minimum” I wish I was tech savvy enough to record her and send it to you – not because she can sing, because I would not call her singing very well tuned, but because of its message. The lyrics are the cutest ever! It talks about sharing a minimum of 4 hugs a day – it goes on to remind us not to forget anyone – aunts, uncles, etc “4 hugs is the minimum, but not the maximum!” Pretty cute little tune that summarizes some of what you have shared in your post today!

  2. Sending you happy, healing hug filled thoughts today. The next few days are not going to be great, in fact they will probably suck. But we are with you in spirit across the blog-sphere. I have been following you story this past year and it has definately made me stop and appreciate my family, especially my young son. Even at 2 am when he is crying and just wont sleep. Be the strong Momma we know you can be. Will be wearing Owenge for the next week for you.

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