1. LMAO!!!! Thank you so much for that laugh. Poor Weston is just getting ambushed by his brother. He needs to learn to fight back!!!!!

    Thanks boys for brightening my day!!

  2. That’s the best. My boys wrestle like that, but it usually ends with someone crying. lol Weston’s a good sport. If he was really unhappy we would have known it. Good times. And yes…you really need moments like these. Just a good ‘ole laugh. 🙂

  3. U truly are blessed. Those adorable little guys definitely put a huge smile on my face as well. Logan is a big dude. hahaha They are so cute. Poor Weston, Logan had him the whole time. to cute

  4. Oh my gosh Logan is so strong!!!!! That is so funny how he kept laying on him! Love it, awesome you were able to catch it on video!!!

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