Amazing Grace

Tony Memmel – a wonderful man.  He has been a friend of the family for years … and he is an amazing musician.  We asked him to sing at Owen’s funeral and I was so amazed with the calmness his voice brought me through the service.  It seemed fitting for him to sing at Owen’s funeral as I had just bought Tony’s new CD and it’s pretty much all the music that Owen heard during his short life.  I used to play it on my iTunes while cooking – Owen usually in a bumbo on the kitchen table helping me cook.  His music is forever laced with my last memories of Owen.

He sang Amazing Grace … that song will never be the same again.  It resonated through the church and in my heart.  A few weeks later, I asked if he had ever recorded the song – he said no.  Then I jokingly asked him if he would consider calling me and singing it into my voicemail.  Ok I sort of meant it – I really wanted to hear him sing the song again 🙂

Then I received the gift of Owen’s Song.  The emotion that song has helped me feel – it’s incomprehensible.  Hearing him sing the song at his home shows … it’s brought me great pride for Owen, healing through belting out the words and strength to know that the song reaches others.

And then just when you think Tony has given me a gift that can’t be topped – he wrote a blog post yesterday.  It’s three videos – personal little performances of Owen’s Song and Amazing Grace.  THANK YOU TONY!  It caught my breath – made be hold it for just a second.  Then the thought “he remembered!”  It was a year ago that I joked with him about leaving a recording on my voicemail.  Tony is amazing … at singing and at just being an awesome person and friend.

This video shares a little bit of Owen’s funeral.  I often reflect that I didn’t write too much about my experience that day.  I was numb.  But this song helps you to understand the strength I find in music.  How I can get lost in the melody and the sound of someone else’s voice.  A little haven in the midst of everything going on … music helps me feel closer to God.  It’s at the very foundation of my faith.

Please join me for your very own mini concert by Tony and hear a little bit of Owen’s funeral.  >>CLICK HERE<<

Love, Mel


  1. That was simply beautiful. Exactly what I needed to hear. I locked myself in my room, listened to the songs, thought about this time last year and cried my eyes out. Tony, thank you for sharing your talent and marking this day in such a heartfelt and perfect way!

  2. My niece, Tiffany, was killed in a horrible car accident last Tuesday.
    She was 27.
    It has been a very long and stressful week.
    I have been helping Tiffany’s mom and sisters as much as I can-
    and doing my share of crying in the meantime.
    They asked me to help prepare a program for her Memorial.
    I really wanted a song my daughters could sing-
    and I kept trying to pick a song-nothing seemed right-
    and then Owen’s Song came to mind…
    I had downloaded it when you first introduced it.
    So, I burned it to a disc, and played it in the car… over and over…
    I sang along and cried and cried.
    I asked my nieces if we could sing it. They thought it sounded perfect.
    I emailed Tony Memmel and told him what had happened, and asked if he had guitar chords for it.
    He wrote back a very sweet email expressing his sadness for what had happened, and his hope that
    Owen’s Song would help our family heal.
    He did not have the chords written, but sent them that same day. (this made me cry, too.)
    We have been singing it- and listening to the CD every day.
    It is such a sweet song full of hope and love.
    I think of you and your sweet baby boy every time I hear it.
    I wanted you to know that your sweet Owen’s song is helping
    another family, who is severely broken, to heal.
    I send my love and hugs to you-
    you are an example of love and strength.
    And, your Owen lives on through you- and in his song.
    Thank you,
    Pam Turley

    P.S. Tiffany’s memorial was yesterday. My girls sang Owen’s song while my husband and son played guitars. It was beautiful. I know it brought many tears and helped with healing with the family and friends who heard it. What a gift from Tony Memmel to you- thank you for letting us be blessed by it as well. <3

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