Jaden’s Branching Out from 4K

Today I was one proud mama.  I can’t believe my little, baby (ok almost 6 year old) Jaden graduated from 4K today.  Doug, his mom (Pam), my dad (Pa), the triplets and myself all attended his Branching Out ceremony.

The backdrop was super cute with a tree for each of the elementary schools the kids would be attending next year.  (In the Sussex Hamilton school district, all 4K classes are held in one school.)

Of course when the kids came on stage, all the parents went nuts waving and trying to get their kid to notice them.  Some even leaped out of their chairs … haha  Jaden found us after a bit of searching.  Pretty sure he was more excited to wave to his babies than me.  Oh well …

They started out the ceremony with showing us how well they can say the Pledge of Alligence.  Of course my kid is doing everything BUT saying the pledge.  Still love him thought 🙂

Then they sang some songs – which were delightful!

Then each child’s name was announced along with the elementary school they would be “branching out” to.  They each got to shake Dr T’s hand and pose for a great picture.  Gosh does it get any cuter than this??

ps I told him to tuck in his shirt!  blah!  boys …

Jaden & his locker!

Jaden has had an amazing two years at Willow.  His teachers (and all of the other teachers for that matter) have taught Jaden not only things like how to write his name and how to count to 100, but also how to be a friend and better person.  They have taught him manners and how to deal with his emotions (any other mom’s heard of Tucker the Turtle?).

Thank you Willow Springs for all of the gifts you have given Jaden.  He is a better kid because of you!

To Jaden – Mom is very proud of you!  You have come so far.  I remember last year when we were both crying as I was trying to get you to write your name on your valentines.  Now you color and draw for hours.  You can write your name clearly and know how to spell a few other words.  I couldn’t be prouder of the little (funny) young man you are growing up to be.  Keep being you because that’s who God made you to be!

Love, Mel


  1. Congrats Jaden! Nice to know we weren’t the only ones in tears over the whole name, letter, writing thing… such a feeling of success it is! Happy Summer break to you all Bissings!

  2. Congratulations Jaden. I know u can’t wait to begin your summer vacation with your babies and parents. God bless u all Bissing Family.

  3. Yeah Jaden! I have been to that ceremony twice. One more kid to go. Makes me cry every time.


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