It’s already a crazy summer!

So much has been going on it’s hard to keep up these days!  Is this what a ‘normal’ summer, with three kids, is really like?  I haven’t really had one of those yet … I don’t think last summer counts as ‘normal’.

Jaden started summer school this week.  Yesterday, he came out of his room proudly displaying the outfit he chose to wear.  This morning I had to coax him a little to get dressed.  But he comes home super happy and proud of what he is learning, so I say summer school is going great so far!

Doug left this morning for his second week of traveling (in a row) for work.  Things are extra crazy when he isn’t home.  But we also get to bend the rules a little bit more when he isn’t home … I suppose it all evens out.

I just about ran out of the house screaming today because it got so crazy.  The triplets woke up from their naps and (like usual) Logan was naked.  I swear I’m raising nudist because these babies won’t keep their diapers on!  I got Logan re-dressed and we headed out to the living room where Jaden had built a fort out of the coffee table and some blankets.  That only entertained the triplets for 2.5 minutes.  The next thing I knew, Logan had dragged a stool from around the kitchen island to the other side of the room, over to the drawers; climbed up on the stool and opened the drawer to pull out a HUGE bread knife.  Then proceeded to laugh and run away from me while I chased after him.  Looks like I”m going to have to re-evaluate the contents of my drawers tomorrow.

On top of that all happening, Weston wouldn’t stop crying and Jaden kept asking me if he could download a free app on my iPad.  My head just about burst!

Never fear though … I distracted the babies by pulling out my chapstick.  That’s right … chapstick!  They sat quietly while they willed me to put on some chapstick.  Silly freaking babies!

I know I’ve been slacking on the blogging … but life is super crazy busy these days.  I have a hard time answering the phone or returning emails, let alone finding time to blog.  But I think of my blog family often and wish I had more time to myself.  There have been a lot of spiritual moments that I’m anxious to sit down and share with you.  They are coming!  I WILL make time (once Doug is home).

Love to you all!  xoxo



  1. being a mom comes first! We your readers understand! sounds like a fun summer with a house of boys!

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