Watch Out I Bite!

We have a problem … Weston has learned to bite.  It started with Logan.  But he did it when he got overly excited … like he would run up and tackle you in a big hug and get carried away and bite into your arm.  Weston is a whole other story!  He bites when he gets mad!  It’s his way of fighting back with Logan.

I usually hear the blood curdling scream and find Logan in tears with a big, red, wet bite mark on his arm.  I’ve only seen it happen right in front of me a few times.  Picture this:  Logan is riding on a bike that Weston wants.  Weston tries to push Logan off which he can NEVER do considering he weighs a full 10 lbs less than him.  Then his eyes flare rage and he sinks his teeth into whatever flesh is closest.

I feel horrible!  I’ve been able to catch him before he bites only a few times.  (I’m starting to learn the look in Weston’s eye in order to stop him before it happens.)

Anyone else out there have biters?  How do I get him to stop??  Right now I put Weston in his crib for a minute or two every time he does it.  But we are going on two full days of this with no signs of learning.  Pretty sure Love & Logic would tell me to keep with it and he’ll learn … but gosh I’m afraid to take Logan out in public for fear that people will think I beat my children!  His arms are COVERED in bruises!

Love, Mel

ps.  I had another thought … do they make muzzles for toddlers???  ::kidding!::


  1. He might be a little young but I have heard great things about the book “Teeth are not for Bitting”. I have been looking at “Hands are not for Hitting” and “Feet are not for Kicking” because that is what I am dealing with right now!

  2. Probably not going to be a very popular response, but we started tweaking my son’s nose whenever he bit his sister. And gave permission for her to tweak his nose if he did it, or push him away when she thought he was getting close. The other thing we tried was giving him a baby teether and told him if he felt he needed to bite something, he should bit the teether or something other than a person. A blanket…pillow, the couch, anything to redirect him. It worked for us after about a dozen times or so. Good luck!

  3. I’m with Judy… While I might not tweak a nose (wouldn’t want to bring blood or nothing) you need to do something negative at least once or twice to show him that pain is not ok 🙁 I’m a huge fan of “eye for an eye” so if he were my child, as soon as he bit his sibling, I’d let the sibling turn around and bite him. (and as soon as I read that I thought, they’re too young to truly learn from this approach… save that for a couple years later.

    Hmmm…. Yep. A good old fashioned swat to the behind as SOON as it happens, and then possibly a redirection approach to something to get his mind off of retaliation maybe? Swat him, then remove him from the scene. Sit him down, get on his level and tell him “NO! DON’T DO THAT” in a very stern, inside voice. . . But I don’t think that just a time out will work with this. It is never ok to hurt someone else.

    Keep us posted!

  4. ugh…I had a biter too. It’s so easy for people who don’t have biters to be judgemental and think that we as parents aren’t doing anything about it or not doing enough. We tried talking to him, we tried time outs, we tried spankings, we tried biting back and NOTHING worked. Then he just quit one day. It was like a switch had been flipped. Crazy. I don’t know if there is a “magic” answer for you. I’m sorry you’re having to go through it though. I think that most parents who had/have biters understand your frustration and desperation. Good luck!

  5. I too have dealt with biting. They really do just stop after a few days usually. We have tried the biting back but I think the looking into theur eyes and saying with a really stern voice. Ouch you hurt me. That is really mean. We don’t bite people.
    That has worked for us. After several times. But good luck. Ill pray for logan to heal quickly.

  6. Sorry to hear about the biting. But they are that age that they do this, especially if they do not have a loot a verbal skills. I’m daycare teacher and see this all the time. You’re doing good noticing when he is about with his looks. But it can happen before you know it and when it dies just tell him “No biting hurts” do this in a stern voice and then take him to a place where he can cool off especially away from anyone he can bite. It will slowly go away it just take time. Hope this helps.

  7. My cousin once attempted to bite me on the forehead. I can still see her coming at me with her mouth wide open lol.. This reminded me of that.

  8. Each of my boys have been through a biting phase. We’ve tried all sorts of things. Time out, flipping mouths, etc. The thing that worked best for my kiddos is to have them chomp down on a bar of soap. He may be a little young for that…and you may be a nicer mommy that I am….but it worked for us.

    Sorry you have to deal with that right now. That’s now fun.

    About going out in public…I wouldn’t worry about it. After close evaluation anyone could see that those bite marks are much too small for your set of chompers.

    • ohh…I like that idea…soap! Why didn’t I think of that – my parents used to wash our mouth out with it if we said something we shouldn’t and it was quite effective. I’ll have to remember that little trick if my baby ends up being a biter like his older brother was. Thanks for the suggestion

  9. My twin grandsons will soon be 3, finally getting out of biting stage! The bruises and marks were horrific but. You could always see teeth imprints. You are right does not look nice. Hang in there! Love and hugs. Sher

  10. I show Haleigh the sign for hurt.. i tell her no.. sometimes I tap her mouth and tell her no. If she continues I put her in the crib (which she then climbs out of) if you come up with ideas that work please let me know. Sometimes the tapping the mouth works and she’ll go to bite then kiss and say no no hurt!

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