A Small Summer Victory

We have been keeping busy!  Playing outside, water guns, baby pools, sandboxes.  Keeping cool in the basement.  Race car races, pillow fights, puzzles.  Jaden and I have gotten into playing with playdough while the babies are napping.

In all honesty it’s taken me a while to adjust to my new Summer Stay at Home Mom role.  I don’t care what you say, it’s totally different having the triplets AND a six year old at home.  I constantly feel torn.  Jaden wants to pretend a bomb is going to blow up while the triplets are fighting over the blocks.  So I quick try and save Logan from being bit, and keep up with Jaden and give him the attention he needs (and frankly deserves).  I just feel torn … always.  Nap time I even feel torn between resting and taking some time to myself and getting some one-on-one time with Jaden.

Yesterday morning, I had a rejuvenating moment … I made up a game that ALL THREE boys enjoyed playing!  It was a very special few hours when all four of us were on the same page!  Everyone listening!  The babies and I would set up a tower of blocks and then Jaden would wined up a car and let it fly into the tower.  Sometimes he would knock it over and others he missed totally.  But every time I yelled “clear the lanes!” the babies would scatter and let Jaden race his car across the dining room.  Then one of them would get the car and return it to Jaden while the other helped rebuild the tower.  It was a small but well celebrated morning.

Made me feel inspired and motivated to seek out more activities we can all do together.

Love, Mel

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