Jaden the Song Writer

A while back, Jaden started playing with a toy guitar.  He wrote tons and tons of songs for me that day.  Many of them just repeated the same word(s) over and over … but he was totally enjoying himself and I was proud of him for being so creative!

I was lucky enough to get him to perform my favorite song for me on video.  Of course you’ll hear at the beginning of the video I had to get his permission to publish it.  I thought I would share for you all to enjoy too!

And just as quick as he sang his song he was off talking about something else … Uncle Jake’s baseball game.  Gosh I love that kid!  Never a dull moment.

Love, Mel

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  1. ha ha ha…..SO CUTE! Such sweet innocence. How can they pull it off better than we can? He is truly the best big brother EVER!

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