Honoring Owen Today

I am in the car on the way to Madison. Technology is pretty amazing that I can sit here and type while flying down I-94. I remember when our donor coordinator telling us about this ceremony. There were times when I never thought I would get through the days to even make it here. Yet here we are. Healthy, almost happy and blessed.

The ceremony takes place in the Governor of Wisconsin’s Madison residence. Mr Walker and his wife open their doors to all the families of organ donors. We will sit in a sea of grieving family members. Some loved ones might be children, parents, aunts or siblings. But each of them has their own story to tell, their own legacy to leave behind.

I feel flooded with emotion. The days leading up to this morning I says filled with excitement and anticipation. I was looking forward to having an “Owen Day.” I could feel the tears building up … Saving up for the right moment. I prayed that I would feel Owen close to me, even for just a brief moment. I know that he is “always with me” but I can’t remember the last time I honestly felt him. The strong surge that makes my heart skip just a little bit and leaves the strong assurance that Owen was in my arms. Perhaps I’ll feel it today on the lack lawn of the residence, or maybe I’ll feel it while standing in line for the restroom or maybe not at all. I know that Owen would be honored and proud to be recognized. He has his father’s blood in him and Doug takes great pride in these sorts of things.

Somethings don’t ever change … I’m consumed with emotion and I grab my iPad to start journaling. I find myself being thankful that I have a way to sort through all the things that I feel or have trouble with.

I hold Owen’s angel sisters close to my heart today. They are just as much of his story as anyone else is or this blog is. Josie and the little unnamed girl will received his liver receive this medal with Owen. I should reach out to the unnamed girl. Maybe she doesn’t care to know us anymore since it isn’t Owens liver she carries anymore. But I guess I just want her to know that she is loved by me and my family. She should know just how many people pray for her.

We just pulled up. Time to celebrate my son.

Love, Mel

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  1. What a great honor. I am so proud of you, your family and Owen. His gift and his story continue to inspire. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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