Bed Time

The triplets have learned how to climb out of their cribs. It’s not fun for me! The first week of it, I felt defeated and helpless. Monday, after two hours of battling them to stay in their beds, we resorted to just giving up on nap time all together. The upside was that they went bed nice and early that night. But I NEED that time in the middle of the day when Jaden watches a movie and the babies are napping – so I can reset and get ready for the second part of my day.

After a pep talk from my mom, I stood in their rooms and quietly laid each one down when they stood up. Careful to lay them down lovingly and gently. I didn’t make eye contact and I didn’t speak. I just stood there and went back and forth between their cribs laying each of them down. They were smiling and still playing, even after a good 20 mins of this pattern. They thought they knew what was best for themselves.

After doing this over and over again for 45 minutes they finally started to surrender. They sure would have saved us both a lot of time and energy had they just did what they were supposed to do in the first place … Lay down.

I stepped back and leaned against the wall – this must be what God feels like sometimes. When we continually get up and jump around – try and play our way through life. When we throw temper tantrums and think we know what is best for ourselves, rather than listen to His gentle guidance. He doesn’t slam us back down in our cribs, yelling and screaming … He gently resets us and lays us back down. Sure we need to rebuild and get ourselves back up on our feet … But if we just listen to His gentle guidance we will wake up feeling refreshed.

Personally, there are times when I find it hard to listen when I feel so sure that I know what is best. But it’s surrendering what I THINK I know and following what I KNOW is best. I am a child of God. My father knows what is best … I will save the both of us a lot of energy if I just surrender now.

Love, Mel

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  1. Not sure if this will help you or not, but my twins learned to climb out of the cribs and they were just not ready for a regular bed. So, off to Target we went and bought a tent. Seriously. We had a full sized mattress, so we bought one big enough for that, but if we hadn’t had a full sized mattress, I probably would have bought one big enough for a twin mattress or two and done that. The first time we put them in the tent and zipped them in for bed, it took 10 minutes (TEN MINUTES!) and they were asleep.

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