Is it legal to have this much fun?

Today was a FAN-TASTIC day!  I started out with a shopping trip to the outlet mall with my mom, sister and brother.  I don’t really remember the last time it was just us – without my kids running around like crazy boys.  I spent most of my time walking around with my brother – helping him pick out new clothes for school.  My baby brother is going to be senior in high school this year!  I remember changing that boy’s diapers!  And here he is, way taller than me, with a girlfriend and planning to go to college.  How on earth did this happen?

I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him anymore.  He is busy with sports, friends and a job — and I don’t need to elaborate on what I’m busy with.  When I lived at home after I graduated college I remember watching Hannah Montana with him every night before falling asleep.  I slept on a day bed – so we usually pulled out the under mattress and would have sleepovers.  (sorry Jake if I’m embarrassing you with these stories!)  I just look so fondly on these memories – bonding with my baby brother.  I miss it.  A lot.

After some amazing sibling and mama bonding, I headed over to a dear friend’s house to help her paint her on-the-way-baby-girl’s nursery.  Patty is a woman who I actually met through the blog, believe it or not.  She has proven to be a supportive friend with a deep faith, who can understand just how crazy it can be to raise a 20 month old boy(s).  Her son Tucker, was born just two weeks after the triplets.  This time she is having a baby girl – and she’s coming in about a month an a half!  Not like I’m excited or anything 🙂

She’s a planner — so a few months ago she asked me if I would be her daughter’s godmother (along with her brother and sister-in-law).  I was thrilled to say yes!  I wanted to help in some way to prepare for this little girl’s arrival.  When she said she wanted to repaint the nursery, I offered my services.  Little did I know it wasn’t just going to be just painting four walls – it would be painting stripes on a wall!  Together we managed to get the taped lines pretty darn straight, along with two coats of crayola yellow paint AND hundreds of laughs.

I can’t wait to see what our master piece looks like without the blue painter’s tape!  I’ve got a few more pinterest projects to finish off the Sunshine theme … gosh I love crafts 🙂

What can I say … it was a good day!  And tomorrow I get to head to a birthday party for the kids of another dear friend of mine.  Is it legal to have this much fun in one weekend?

Love, Mel

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  1. Wait until you get to the Cousin’s Carnival…we might have gotten a little out of control. Probably because we had an entire week off to prepare! 😉 Can’t wait to see you and the FANTASTICAL cake you made for Zoey!!! 😀

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