All in a rocking chair

One of the greatest things I have started to notice is that Weston & Logan are starting to actually play with each other – not just side by side or in the same room.  They chase each other around the house.  They share toy cars back and forth.  They like to sit together in my rocker recliner and cuddle under blankets.

It’s extra special to see the boys in this chair because it was a gift from my mom and family at my triplet baby shower.  I received the same kind of chair when I had Jaden.  Jaden’s chair is now in his bedroom – still reserved as “mom and Jaden’s chair”.  While pregnant, this was the chair I envisioned late night feedings in.  The chair I would sit and read bed time stories in.  A chair became as much a part of my motherly vision as my growing belly was.

So now, almost two years after they are born, they are starting to enjoy the chair together.  They too find love and warmth in a rocking chair.

The week before Owen got sick, I remember the one and only time in his life I rocked him fully to sleep and just kept holding him.  It wasn’t that I didn’t rock my babies – it’s that I rarely had time to just hold them after they had fallen asleep.  I usually had to move on to the next baby right away or was falling asleep myself and would have to put them to bed so I could go to bed.

It’s a lot of fun to watch Logan & Weston grow in their brotherly love.  To watch all three boys play with each other – usually chasing each other around the kitchen butt naked.  These moments make my heart sigh.


Love, Mel



  1. They are so cute! They don’t look like babies anymore- they’re little boys. I love the picture of them giving each other a kiss- I can never seem to capture a pic of my boys doing that.

  2. OMG how adorable they look kissing each other. They are getting so big. can’t believe they are gonna be 2 soon. Logan looks bigger than Weston. little cutie pies they are. God bless them Mel. they are so adorable.

  3. I’ve been following you for a long time and it seems they just grew up right before my very eyes. Holy Cow! They are HUGE!

    Such sweet little boys. My heart melts at the sight of them. 🙂

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