Daily Devotions – day 1

In the bible study we are doing with my Supermoms group, we were encouraged to begin the habit of having quiet time daily. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. Just a little time each day to study God’s word and to pray.

So trying to be a good role model (I’m leading this particular small group) I set my alarm for thirty mins before my normal wake up time. I snoozed for fifteen minutes like I thought I would … So I had 15 mins for my very own devotional this morning. I grabbed my book study guide and my bible and headed downstairs.

Why is it that when mom wakes up early, the entire family wakes up early too? No sooner than my butt hit the couch, I heard little footprints running upstairs. I soon heard Doug hollering that the refrigerator door had been left slightly ajar last night. Then the “where is your mother” started.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the full fifteen minutes of quiet time that I had hoped for. Like interrupted as usual. But I made the first step. I started the daily habit. I’d like to think that still counts. It’s imperfect progress. It’s trying to keep moving the bar just a little higher each time. Sure there will be set backs, mornings when I don’t get up earl unlike I should. But I keep going … Dont give up … My alarm is set. Here is to the second day of my devotional adventure!

Love, Mel

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