Boys at the Pumpkin Farm

My daily quiet time hasn’t been going any better than the last time I blogged.  In fact, it didn’t happen at all on Saturday or Sunday.  How am I going to make this a habit if I can’t seem to even start?

Saturday I took the boys to a pumpkin farm with my sister, Rachael.  We had SO much fun!  The weather was amazing and the farm was filled with so many fun activities.  Bounce houses, mirror mazes, hay piles to jump in, two trains, pumpkin hay rides, corn mazes … and the list keeps going!  I think the only thing that went wrong was that we didn’t plan enough time for everything.  Ok … Jaden was kind of a pistol the whole day … but we still managed to have a ton of fun & Rae and I vowed to do it again next year (with the plan to stay the whole day).

Here are a few pictures from our adventure:


TeeTee won the “Greatest Aunt in the World” award and went into the bounce house with the boys!


Bah haha!


OK – Logan flew down the slide on his own – going head over butt the whole way down.  He landed laughing – thought it was the greatest thing ever!


When I zoomed in to see Rae’s face I laughed so hard I cried!

We went through the Batman corn maze!


This is Weston throwing a fit because I didn’t want to carry him any more … laying in the middle of the maze kicking and screaming.  Classic.  Rachael thought it was funny enough to take a picture – I just got annoyed.


We made a game of hiding in the corn and jumping out and scaring whoever was behind us!  (which was always Rachael haha but it was still fun!)


Towards the end the only thing that would keep Logan walking was his apple juice.


This isn’t very flattering, but all of us were racing to the end of the maze – final stretch!  Not to mention Weston was laughing hysterically while bouncing on my hip.


Jaden went through his first haunted house – it was a mirror maze.  I tried to take him through it but, because I’m a huge sissy, I convinced him to turn around and not go.  Rachael called me a whimp (rightfully so) and took Jaden through instead.  I’m such a scaredy cat …


While Jaden and Rachael were in the mirror maze, Weston, Logan and I hung out with the goats and llamas.


Don’t tell anyone, but Logan actually let one of the baby goats out!!  The gate wasn’t locked and he just pulled it open.  Thank goodness I was able to herd the little guy back in before he got away and anyone saw – man oh man …


There was this huge jumping pillow – it was just that, a ginormous pillow of air that the kids could run and jump on.  They loved it!


What pumpkin patch isn’t complete without a train ride?!?


And a pumpkin Xpress?

Logan – my little lover 🙂

Jaden and Rae loooooooove each other!


The two babies sitting side by side – they LOVED the ride!



The very last thing we did was shoot pumpkins out of this huge bazooka thing.  The man was so nice 🙂  Jaden even hit the huge pumpkin target (on the right hand side of the photo) a few times.  He LOVED it!


Logan & Weston got a turn shooting too!

Like I said – there was just A TON to do at this farm.  We had so much fun – and were SO tired by the time we headed home.  Can you believe we didn’t even come home with a pumpkin?  I had planned to stop at one of the pumpkin carts in Sussex, (after spending so much at the farm, I thought it would be better to just get the affordable pumpkins in town) but we were running late.  Soooo looks like we will be getting our pumpkins another time – it’s only the beginning of October, we’ve got plenty of time!  Right?  I AM looking forward to our first batch of pumpkin seeds tho …

Love, Mel



  1. I find being a mom of two that sometimes its not in the cards first thing in the morning to have quiet time and reflect.. but to instead find happy moments throughout the day when you can think “I am blessed to have Blank” and thank Him for another wonderful day to live, and Breathe this happy life. My kids are 3 and 1 though.. I can’t imagine having two the same age but you do a amazing job Mel! Just keep doin what you are doing!

  2. I try to pray .. meditate.. whatever right before bed. The lights are off, it’s quiet and I can lay there in my bed and just go over the day and thank God for all my blessings and pray. It is a very soothing way to fall asleep. I have 4 boys and it’s just not in the cards for me any other time. Love your blog – Keep trying… you’ll figure out what works best for you! Also – after those craziest days it’s nice to end the day reflecting on the good parts.. sort of like the adage – don’t go to bed mad! : ) Good luck!

  3. Hey Mel, how were the prices at Basse’s? Been thinking of trying it since we always hike out to Fond du Lac to the Little Farmer. Thinking something closer might be nice.

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