2012 WSMA Marching Band Championships – GO NORTH!

I attended the WSMA State Marching Band Championships tonight – my little brother is marching his senior year in the Waukesha Northstar band.  With the rain today, the competition was held in the field hours, rather than the football field.  There was only a tight hallway for the parents and bystanders to watch from over a railing.  The hallway was too hot and crammed with anxious supporters – and it was almost impossible to see.  I wiggled my way so that I was standing on the top row of risers that had just be brought out.  With the lens on my camera, I was able to get a few good pictures.

Watching my 6 foot baby brother become such a leader is soooo cool!  I remember back to my senior year and remember the magic I felt – the bond of being in the band was strong and there was this heaviness of the day.  The season was coming to an end and, for many of us, it would be the last time taking a field in competition.  Everything we said that day felt like it would mean something forever.  While watching Jake perform, a girl standing next to me said “gosh I miss this so much.”  I thought to myself, “I do too – wow, it’s been 10 years since I marched and I still miss it!”  I miss being apart of such a large group – feeling like you were changing the world with your marching style.  Thinking that if I caught all of my tosses, I was on the top of the world!  (looking back it seems kind of silly but it was so real when I was seventeen)  Now to think how much more there is to life – bills, world poverty, raising children, the meaning of life  – I sometimes just wish it was as simple as band practice and flags again.  I wish I could find the words to express just how awesome it was to be apart of the Northstar Marching Band … or any marching band for that matter.  We were like one giant purple family.  The freshman had mentors in the upperclassmen.  The long hours of practices bonded the group of 200+ kids.  Just to go back and have one more year in the marching band …

Every competing band has put in hundreds of hours of practice – they can all be proud of themselves!  North took three caption awards – best percussion, best visual experience and best color guard.  They were named state champs of 2012!  While it was such a bummer that Jake wasn’t able to perform on the football field for his senior year – it was pretty awesome that they took first place!  I’m so proud of my baby brother 🙂

He’s just growing up so fast – I remember the day my parents told us they were pregnant – I thought we were getting an in-ground swimming pool and Rachael thought we were getting a bird.  Little did we know we were getting the greatest little brother ever!

Love, Mel

Here is a shot of all the bands standing together during the award ceremony

Jake and his lovely girlfriend Emma – although if you ask Jaden she’s HIS girlfriend 😉

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  1. I marched with North in the early 90’s. I am sucha band geek still. Their band is awesome. Then I look at the band my son will march with next year. Not the same and I am a little sad about that. I hope he still has a great time making memories like I did. Way to go Northstars!

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